Iowa defensive end Levi Duwa has a great weekend visit to Minnesota

Iowa defensive end Levi Duwa had a great weekend visit to Minnesota and he spoke with GopherDigest about the visit.

"I had a great visit to Minnesota this weekend," Iowa defensive end and top Gophers target Levi Duwa said to GopherDigest. "I had a tour of some of the campus and the athletic building on Friday afternoon, then in on the defensive lane meeting and ate dinner with the players. Then I stayed the night with a few of the Minnesota players. Then this morning, I toured the rest of campus and all of the housing and then sat in on another defensive line meeting, watched practice and talked with all of the Gopher coaches before I left."

Duwa host for Minnesota's visit was a fellow player from the state of Iowa. 

"Trey Hansen was my host and he is an awesome guy," Duwa explained to GopherDigest. "He really took me under his wing and made feel like I was part of the team, so did the other guys that lived there. They just said Minnesota is an amazing place, but I need to go wherever best fits me."

The Iowa defensive end also enjoyed speaking with the Gopher coaches. 

"I really enjoyed talking with defensive line coach Jeff Phelps," Duwa told GopherDigest. "I really liked the way he coaches and what he does with the d-line. He likes to have fun with the guys while getting work done and I like that. I like how he is very straight forward guy and he'll tell you how it is. Coach Claeys told us that I would be a perfect fit into their defense, but he said the ultimate choice is mine. I can't let anyone pressure me into anything and I need to go where I know I will fit best like the players said. I liked how he wasn't pushy and wasn't trying to force me into anything. It just kind of shows what kind of people they are there."

Minnesota's campus was a nice change of scenery for Duwa. 

"I liked Minneapolis a lot. It is a lot bigger then what I'm used back in Iowa, but it was a really nice place. The practice this morning seemed pretty intense and everyone was fired up. There was a lot of excitement, so it was fun getting to be around all of that. My parents thought it was an awesome place and they liked all of the people a lot. My favorite part of the visit was getting to be around all of the coaches and players so much because it made me feel like I really fit in. It was a great weekend at Minnesota."

The Gophers are now in a good place after Duwa was able to check them out this weekend. 

"I'd say out of the schools interested in me, Minnesota is definitely in the top 3," Duwa said. "They have amazing facilities, amazing people and the campus is awesome too. I see a lot of opportunity there. I'll probably be back up in the summer sometime again."

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