2018 Sartell (Minn.) running back John Schmidt takes college visits

2018 Sartell (Minn.) running back John Schmidt took a couple of college visits last week and he spoke with GopherDigest about those two visits.


"We went to practice from 7:30 till 9:30 AM," 2018 Sartell (Minn.) running back John Schmidt said about his North Dakota State visit last Friday. "Then we went on a campus tour until about 12:40. After that, I got to sit in an administration meeting and had lunch with the coaches and other recruits. Then at 1:30 went on a facilities tour and got to listen to the coaches talk until 3. I really liked it their practice as I enjoyed the coaches and how excited they were about the players. They seemed to be really passionate about their players and the intensity was great. Very high speed practice."

Schmidt was pleasantly surprised by the Bison's campus and facilities. 

"The campus was a lot nicer than I thought it would be! It was big and small, so a good in between. The facilities were nice too and I really like the championship room. It didn't feel like a "D1 AA" facility. It felt like a Big Ten / Big 12 facility. I was also able to talk a lot with the Bison coaching staff and the coaches I talked to seemed to be impressed with my highlight video. They said it was good for my age and I got feedback to get stronger and faster which I'm working on currently. I feel great about NDSU as even if I don't play football, they're definitely a college I see myself going. They have a great business program there."


"The next day, so on Saturday, I got to go down and watch a Gopher practice and talk to the coaches," Schmidt told GopherDigest. "Earlier this year, I got to go on a game-day visit which was really fun. Their practice was great and I really enjoyed it. It was a more technical practice and I really liked that. Coaches were also very intense there."

The Gopher coaches also got some words with the 2018 running back. 

"I've talked with Coach Poore and Sherels probably the most, but I've been talking with Coach O'Brien and Christopherson as well," Schmidt explained. "They gave me some good feedback that I'll work on! They said to work on getting faster and keep working hard and getting stronger also. They also want me to go to camps, so I can show if I can compete with other kids my age and older. I'm going to the Iowa elite Junior camp, Gopher Junior elite, NDSU 3 day, and Mankato-State camp as of right now."

Schmidt's father also playing for the Gophers a few years back. 

"My dad, Paul Schmidt, played for the Gophers and I think he played for a year and a half in the middle 80's. I really want the opportunity to play there also as I'd love to play for the same school as him."

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