2017 Benilde - St. Margaret (Minn.) offensive lineman Eric Wilson has a lot to think about following his Minnesota overnight visit

2017 Benilde - St. Margaret (Minn.) offensive lineman Eric Wilson has a lot to think about following his Minnesota overnight visit and he spoke about his recruiting to GopherDigest.

"I was able to tour the campus and really see the academic side of the U, which is something I had never done yet," Minnesota offensive lineman Eric Wilson said about his recent visit to the Gophers campus. "I ate with the coaches and players on Friday night and then stayed overnight with Bronson Dovich and his roommates. On Saturday morning, I was able to eat break with coach Glasscock and speak with coach Claeys was a short period of time, so it was a very good visit."

Academics are important to Wilson, and he learned a lot about what Minnesota could offer him on Friday. 

"I didn't realize how high the academic standards are at the U. I was impressed," Wilson explained to GopherDigest. "I'm thinking about a major regarding science, hopefully going to pursue a medical school after my football career. That's the direction I'm leaning toward anyway. Minnesota pre-med program really stood out. I met with Judy Beniak, of the Health Careers Center at Minnesota, and it was great to talk with get about the great medical opportunities Minnesota offers their students." 

Wilson was also able to see what it'd be like to be a Gopher Football player. 

"It was awesome to see the close bond the teammates have with each other, even though they may not have known each other for a long time," Wilson said about his time with Minnesota's offensive linemen. "We hung out for awhile and then met up with some other Gopher Football players later that night. The players message to me was to enjoy the recruiting process, but that at the end of the day, they don't think there's a better combination of athletics and academics than at Minnesota. The Gopher coaches in Glasscock and Claeys that next morning just encouraged me to take in all of the positives about the Gophers program before I make my decision."

Minnesota gave Wilson a lot to think about as he potentially gets close to a decision. 

"The Gophers visit was great, as I loved my visit this weekend," Wilson told GopherDigest. "I think I've seen everything that Minnesota has to offer me as a student-athlete and it's all great. Right now, I'm not sure when I'll make my decision as I just need to think about everything. Right now, Minnesota is in the same place they were before, which is in a group of schools at the top of my list. I'll be visit Harvard this upcoming weekend, but we have nothing else planned after that. Not even the Nike or Rivals camp. I just need some time to think."

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