Robbinsdale (Minn.) Cooper offensive lineman Eric Abojei decides that Minnesota will be his new home

Robbinsdale (Minn.) Cooper offensive lineman Eric Abojei decides that Minnesota will be his new home and he spoke with GopherDigest about the decision.

"Well I wanted to be close to home as there's nothing better than home," Robbinsdale (Minn.) offensive lineman Eric Abojei said to GopherDigest about his decision. "I just built this strong relationship with the coaches here with the Gophers that I couldn't resist. I just woke up this morning and felt like today was the day. I was up all night last night until this morning thinking about everything and it turned out I would wait any longer."

Abojei made the choice to call the Minnesota coaches this afternoon. 

"I called every Minnesota coach basically, but head coach Tracy Claeys was the first," Abojei explained to GopherDigest. "When I called Claeys, he told me that I made his day and he was extremely happy and can't wait to see me again here soon. Coach Miller said the same thing as Claeys, but I'll be seeing him tomorrow at my school. He's going to talk with my coaches and maybe I'll bump into him."

The in-state offensive lineman's parents are extremely supportive of Abojei's decision to commit. 

"My parents are super happy about this decision and we're even talking about it again right now and how I made the right choice. What they like about Minnesota most is the support the players get and how they bond and connect so well. They also love how Minnesota is so strong in academics. The biggest factor in my decision was that I can stay close to home. I didn't want to go too far where my parents wouldn't see me play and I want to continue to create something at Minnesota. I talked some with Blaise Andries after I committed and he told me he can't wait to play with me."

Abojei's future along the offensive line may be on outside. 

"Coach Miller has told he wants to me to start at tackle because he loves my mean streak and tackle is a position where I'll be able to move guys and hit guys at the second level," Abojei said to GopherDigest. "I'm super happy about that, so no worries. I am going to be done with recruiting now as well. I'll take some other visits with my teammates to help them get recruited, but I'm not going to take a serious visit to another school besides Minnesota. I want Gopher fans to know I can't wait to help Minnesota win a championship."

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