Tulsa linebacker Kyrei Fisher grabs his first Big Ten offer from Minnesota

Tulsa linebacker Kyrei Fisher grabbed his first Big Ten offer from Minnesota on Tuesday night and he spoke about it with GopherDigest.


"Coach Anderson came and saw me last week, but Coach Sherels is the coach that offered me," Tulsa (Okla.) linebacker Kyrei Fisher said to GopherDigest. "Sherels said that I was the fourth kid in the whole country he's offered in this 2017 LB class and that he could tell I'm going blow up here soon. He sees something special in me. I know Minnesota is located by about 20 Fortune 500 companies, it's in the middle of two major cities, and it's cold, but a lot of good football there. Sherels likes that I'm driven as that's what he wants to see. Also said that I'm special, all in his own words. It really meant a lot to me because someone believes in me and he thinks very high of me."

The new Minnesota offer has definitely caught the eye of Fisher. 

"My interest in Minnesota is very high," Fisher told GopherDigest. "They are a great school and program and to increase my interest more, I just have to get closer with the coaches. When football season starts, I'll start taking visits, and that's when I'll take my visit to Minnesota. They're definitely in my top five."

Fisher could potentially want to make a decision in the near future. 

"I want to make a decision after spring ball," Fisher said. "Especially since I'm graduating in December, so I don't have much time and I need to focus on the things that matter right now and that's football. I don't have any visits planned right now in the near future as I'm focusing on football though. Other schools I'm hearing a lot from are Texas A&M, TCU and Iowa State."

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