Nebraska offensive lineman Brett Kitrell grabs his Big Ten offer from the Minnesota Golden Gophers last night

Nebraska offensive lineman Brett Kitrell grabbed his Big Ten offer from the Minnesota Golden Gophers last night, and talked with GopherDigest about his new B1G offer.

"I'm pretty excited about this Minnesota offer," Ashland (Neb.) offensive lineman Brett Kitrell said to GopherDigest on Wednesday night. "Coach Miller is the Minnesota coach I spoke with on the phone, and he first asked me about how my track season was going and was asking me about some of my numbers in throwing. Then he told me he'd been watching my film with head coach Tracy Claeys and he said they both really enjoyed my film, so he then offered me a scholarship. Miller is a really great guy and I enjoyed talking with him. We had talked on the phone previously and he said he liked my athleticism on the field and the way I battle in the trenches."

Kitrell's first Big Ten offer has him really pumped about the Gophers. 

"It's awesome to get my first BCS offer," Kitrell explained to GopherDigest. "I'm really excited to get to know the coaches more and to see more of Minnesota. I visited Minnesota last fall for a game-day visit and it was great. Had an awesome experience in an awesome atmosphere. The Gophers are my first offer on the offensive line, as South Dakota and South Dakota State offered at defensive tackle. I love playing both sides of the line and I don't really have a preference or favorite between the two as both are awesome." 

The Nebraska lineman has a few camps lined up for the next couple of months. 

"As of right now, I'll be attending the Rivals camp next weekend, and the Nebraska Big Man camp is probably another one I'll be attending," Kitrell told GopherDigest. "I definitely have high interest right now in Minnesota and I want to get up to see the place hopefully sometime soon. I'll most likely visit Minnesota again this summer and I'd give that about an 80-85 percent chance of happening. I really want to see the place again. My parents were also super happy about the offer as I called my dad right away and he was ecstatic. It was an awesome feeling. The Gophers are toward the top of my list for sure as I really enjoy coach Miller who I've been in contact with a lot."

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