Goal Line Club

Goal Line Club's Golden Gopher Fishing Classic

Connect with Golden Gopher Football fans and members of the Coaching Staff during this exciting, family-friendly FUN-draiser for your favorite team. Fish stories and football are at the heart of the game plan.

What you need to know

  • Fish stories and football stories are in the game plan for the first-ever Golden Gopher Fishing Classic with Head Coach Tracy Claeys and his staff. The event is at Lake Koronis in Paynesville. Bug-Bee Hive Resort, Lodge and Retreat Center is our headquarters. This event has all-inclusive pricing, meal-only pricing and special-pricing for children.
  • The event kicks at 4:30pm on Thursday, June 2, with a Meet and Greet Tailgate Party. A buffet dinner featuring grilled chicken begins at 6:00pm. The program with emcee Mike Max is at 7:00pm.
  • On Friday start your day with a light shoreline breakfast at 8:00am. The fishing portion of the event is from 9:00am-1:00pm. A Luncheon Awards Program featuring boneless pork chops on a stick is at 2:00pm.
  • The ALL-INCLUSIVE PRICE for the Golden Gopher Fishing Classic is $100 for adults, $35 for ages 11-20, and free for children ten and under. Or, fans can register for the Thursday night meal or Friday afternoon meal. That price is $20 for adults, $10 for those between the ages of 11-20 and free for children ten and under.
  • Youu might want to consider sponsoring a celebrity angler – a Golden Gopher Football Coach or staff member - as part of your team. Participants must provide their own boat, fishing gear, life jacket and a valid Minnesota fishing license.
  • Register today at www.goallineclub.com


Insider info with locals

"Paynesville, MN is located near the edges of three counties (Stearns, Meeker and Kandiyohi) and it's a quaint community located in the heart of Minnesota's dairy country," Brad and Terry Skoglund, Paynesville legends, said to GopherDigest about their city. "The community consists of approximately 2,500 city residents and another 2,500 or so people reside around the lake(s). Paynesville considers itself a "City for all Seasons".  During the summer season, the local lakes are inhabited by many seasonal residents and theses lakes provide an excellent source for outdoor activities as do our local parks and bike trail."

"Lake Koronis is a lake with a lot of character. There are three islands in the midst of this body of water. Lake Koronis, which covers just over 3,000 acres and is located only one mile from Paynesville, offers some of the best fishing in the area. An abundance of walleye,  bass, northern pike make this one of the premier lakes in central Minnesota. Lake Koronis is one of the furthest southern glacial lakes in the United States; meaning that this body of water was created by the force of a prehistoric glacier which carved its way to this location and ultimately melted, forming Lake Koronis, the islands, and the diverse shoreline. The lake reaches a depth of 134 feet, with its medium depth at about 25 feet."

The Skoglunds know how beautiful of a resort the Bug-Bee Hive really is. 

"The Bug-Bee Hive Resort, which is the headquarters for the fishing classic, is beautiful," Skoglund explained. "The Bug-Bee Hive Resort is a third generation, all-season resort located just 90 minutes west of Minneapolis. You'll find the upscale accommodations are tremendous."


Brad and Terry are also avid Gopher Football fans. 

"We have been Gopher football season ticket holders for many years.  Paynesville isn't really all that far from the Twin Cities.  It takes us approximately an hour and 35 minutes to arrive at our tailgate spot before home games.  When the Gophers played at the Metrodome, we first made Hubert's our pre-game stop before games.  It was frequently full of other Gopher fans, so it made it easy to find someone to visit with.  After we joined the Goal Line Club, we were eligible to secure a tailgate spot in the Metrodome parking lot.  That's when the fun began!  We met so many new people, all of which shared our same passion for Gopher football.  (It's easy to make a new friend when you already have a common interest.)  Some of those people will likely remain life-long friends.  Often times we would be introduced to current and former players and their families.  Those experiences enhanced the Gopher football "experience" even more.  It sort of becomes personal and creates an even greater emotional attachment to the team and other fans.  Bob Hughes is very open and welcoming to new and prospective Goal Line Club members.  He's very enthusiastic and excited about Gopher football and makes others around him eager to learn more about the organization.


When it comes to anyone thinking about joining the Goal Line Club, Brad and Terry have some advice for you.

"Don't hesitate!  Join the Goal Line Club.  It's an opportunity to have fun, meet new people AND support your university's football team.  You'll also expand your knowledge of the team and the game itself.  It's most certainly a good way to stay informed too.  The Goal Line Club communicates with it's members.  Becoming part of this organizations helps keep Gopher football in the forefront all year long versus just the competitive season. You become part of the Gopher family. Joining the Goal Line Club encourages fans to attend other functions beyond the game itself.  We try to make it to the annual 'Sota Social for National Signing Day every year.  This event has certainly grown in popularity.  We've attended other fan events sponsored by the club too; such as Gopher Day at Canterbury Park, the Friday luncheons before home games, the annual spring game, and the women's football clinic, to name a few.  We typically try to travel to at least one away game each as well as any bowl games.  Again, we look forward to traveling with the Goal Line Club so that we can network with friends and meet new ones too.  Almost every event is family-friendly and first class.  Our children have grown up with the Goal Line Club and we've witnessed other families progress as well."


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