2018 Marshall (Minn.) quarterback Trey Lance shines at Gophers summer camp

2018 Marshall (Minn.) quarterback Trey Lance shines at Gophers summer camp over the weekend, and he talks about his recruiting with GopherDigest.


"I thought it went pretty well, I learned a lot about what I need to work on, and it was exciting to see some of the competition," 2018 Marshall (Minn.) quarterback Trey Lance said to GopherDigest. "I had a lot of fun competing and I found a lot of areas where I can improve also. I really enjoyed working with quarterback's coach Jay Johnson as he's a great coach. It was a great opportunity to be able to be coached by a Division 1 quarterback coach, and to be able to do some of the drills that they do in practice at that level too was great. After camp, I just thanked all the Minnesota coaches that I know for a great camp."

Lance had a teammate helping him each step of the way during the Minnesota camp. 

"Blaise Andries came up with me and my dad Saturday night, and having him there helped calm some nerves for me coming into camp," Lance explained. "During camp he was always giving me tips to do each drill, he's been a great role model and a great friend of mine. Drew Hmielewski and Blaise are really good friends of mine, but I have a lot of individual work to do before college football is even an option for me, as of right now, I'm focused on my high school team and being the best that we can be. Coach Johnson worked with me on my off hand and raising my throwing arm so I can have a higher release, and working on speed, strength, agility and footwork are just a couple of the other things I can definitely get better at."

The thought of playing college football has always been something the Marshall quarterback has been working toward.  

"It's been a dream of mine since I was little," Lance said about the thought of playing college football. "Living in Minnesota, I've always been a Gopher fan, my dad is a Florida State fan, so growing up, me and my little brother have been Florida Gator fans. It would be awesome to receive a Minnesota offer, but as of now, I have a lot to work on before I'm recruited by anybody, I just need to stay focused on my individual skills and my high school team, and I'll keep working to reach my goals. I'm going to Nebraska next Friday, and our high school team goes to SDSU, and after that I have NDSU, then the Minnesota Junior Elite Camp."

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