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The War Room is BACK on GopherIllustrated and is jam packed with over 3500 words of football and basketball updates, plus the absolute latest on both sides in recruiting.

More details of what is inside:

  • When does UW-Milwaukee transfer Akeem Springs arrive on campus at Minnesota?
  • Which Gophers are making a name for themselves in summer workouts?
  • What will the Gopher Basketball rotation look like come game one?
  • Is Minnesota going to offer another 2017 quarterback here soon? 
  • Could the Gophers running back class be done here in a matter of weeks?
  • What 2017 in-state football player has a chance to earn a Gopher offer at Minnesota's camp this month, and would likely commit on the spot?
  • The latest names GopherIllustrated is hearing that will attend the Gophers BBQ here in a few weeks.
  • Who are the Gophers top defensive line targets and how many will be visiting Minnesota this summer? 
  • More info on Minnesota's offensive line and who figures to be a major key to it's success this fall.
  • Plus plenty more!


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Please honor this request and we will continue to do our best to provide all of our subscribers with a great perspective on the program.

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