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Minnesota Golden Gopher sophomore wide receiver Isaiah Gentry checks in at MIG No. 15

The Golden Gophers are in need of a young playmaker at wide receiver if they are going to compete for the Big Ten West in 2016. Can Isaiah Gentry step up and be that guy?

This is clearly a selection that is based on potential and a desire to finally have a playmaker and/or a threat in the Gophers passing game.  Isaiah Gentry has little to no production on his side in his brief Gopher career (2 receptions for 36 yards in his freshman year), but is the one player that sticks out when you look at a roster of young receivers as a guy that could explode...if he can stay healthy and stay focused on the field and in team meetings.

This selection could have also gone by the name of Rashad Still  or Hunter Register or Melvin Holland, meaning it is very important for the 2016 Golden Gophers to have a young wide receiver step up and become a significant and consistent threat in the passing game.

Of all the players listed above that were also considered for this spot, it was Gentry that came to the U with the most fanfare and with the biggest potential to make a splash. He is a guy that looks like a receiver that Mel Kiper and Todd McShay will evaluate for the 2018 or 2019 NFL Draft.  Gentry is big (6-4 and 225 pounds) and he is fast (sub 4.5) and he has reliable hands, all qualities Mitch Leidner will appreciate when he looks to ignite the Gopher offense with a big play over the top.

Last year K.J. Maye lead all Gopher receivers with 73 catches for 773 yards and 5 touchdowns.  Gentry is not wired to replace the 73 catches, he is more of the big play receiver that may max out in the 36-48 range, but where he could compete with Maye’s numbers is in yards and touchdowns.  If Gentry explodes and has a big year I could see a final stat line in the area of 42-756-10.

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