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2017 Texas offensive lineman Gray Davis will camp with the Golden Gophers this weekend

2017 Texas offensive lineman Gray Davis will camp with the Golden Gophers this weekend, and Davis previews his upcoming unofficial visit with GopherIllustrated.

"I'll be visiting Minnesota on Friday and doing the camp on Saturday," Dallas (Texas) offensive lineman Gray Davis said to GopherIllustrated. "I've been talking to both coach Miller and coach Grimes a lot as they both coach the offensive line, which is what I play. Grimes has been saying that they like what they saw on my film and really want to see my improvements at camp. Their camp is padded so they can really evaluate the linemen. He's from Texas originally as well and he's been saying how much he likes Minnesota and how it's not a hard switch from Texas. Coach Miller was saying pretty much the same thing minus the Texas part. He was telling me how you have to love to be physical to play in Minnesota's offense as it is a super physical downhill run game."

"They first got in contact with me about a month ago. Coach Grimes had seen my film and then he talked to me about coming up to camp and then coach Miller got in touch with me. They talk about how they're big on live evaluations of their targets and seeing them in person. It'll be just be me and my dad this weekend, and I don't know that much actually about the Gophers. I know Minnesota is a top 10 public University and I know they play big time football and just got a new coach."

If a Gopher offer came, Davis would have a lot to think about. 

"A Minnesota offer would be beyond awesome. It would be the culmination of all the hard work I've put into this. It would really tell me that all my work has been noticed and appreciated by a big time school. If that were to happen this weekend and if I like the school and can see myself going there, it would be a really strong possibility after I was to discuss with my family that I'd commit. We'll see how this weekend goes!"

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