Georgia WR Javan Hawes is excited for his Gopher visit this weekend

Georgia WR Javan Hawes is excited for his upcoming Gopher visit this weekend and he spoke to Gopher Illustrated about the visit.

"I'm leaving today and will be coming back on Saturday or Sunday," Georgia WR Javan Hawes said to Gopher Illustrated. "I'll be driving up there with my mom, dad and little brother, so I'm really looking forward to this visit."

The Gophers defensive coordinator has been in constant contact with the Georgia playmaker. 

"Jay Sawvel and I have been talking a lot lately," Hawes explained. "He's excited to have me coming up and hoping that I give him a commitment at the end of the visit. He's been telling me that Minnesota views me as a deep threat wide receiver, and if I play defensive back my senior year, I choose which side of the ball I want to play there. I'd say what I'm looking forward to most about this weekend is seeing the campus, their facilities and meeting all of the coaching staff. This will be my first time ever to the University of Minnesota, so I'm pretty excited."

"Minnesota is also my top option right now," Hawes told Gopher Illustrated. "They've been recruiting me the hardest besides Purdue, so I'm ready to see what they have to offer. There's absolutely a chance I could commit after this weekend, as I've done my research on Minnesota and looked into their campus and facilities, plus I have a good relationship with coach Sawvel. It's just a matter of it feeling like home when I visit there. If I do commit, my family and I still want to take visit to make sure of all my options as we still want to visit Purdue, Miami (Oh.) Ohio, App State and Southern Miss. I'm ready for Minnesota this weekend though."

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