Video and notes of Gophers offensive coordinator Jay Johnson speaking with the media following the conclusion of practice on August 24th.

Video on Gopher Illustrated of Gophers offensive coordinator Jay Johnson speaking with the media following the conclusion of practice on August 24th.

Johnson on Leidner adjusting to having more responsibilities with pre-snap reads:

"I think he's done well. He and I talked yesterday; we had a nice talk. I felt this last four to five days, it all started to come together because we did miss those spring reps. I was worried a little bit on how he would handle that transition. But I really felt in that last week that he really started to come in and more comfortable with it. His confidence grew. That was a big step, now we just got to keep going from there."

Johnson on the Gophers backup quarterback Conor Rhoda:

"I go back to the spring with Conor. I think he's just been very consistent. With some of those mental things we talk about, I think he's done a great job of picking those things up, and he's doing a very good job. He's continued that this fall. We put him in there, I try to put him in challenging situations, and he's really done well. He's been very consistent. Done a great job, and I think the other thing is that he's a little bit older, been around a little bit longer. His management of the huddle and how he handles the team is very, very positive."

Johnson on the progress that true freshman Phillip Howard has made during fall camp:

"I'm really impressed with those two guys being as young as they are to come on as they have. It was kind of interesting, the first more scrimmage situation we had with Phil was the first kind of typical scrimmage with a newcomer you think would be. But the second one, he was getting lined up; he was playing faster. That was really just a big step. I think once we saw that, you know what, this is going to be a guy we're going to have to transition to playing maybe quicker than we thought. He really did a good job from that first one to to the second one from a scrimmage standpoint."

Johnson on his Scout Team quarterback:

"Right now, Seth will. "I think overall, when you're looking at the guys and gameday, and how we're going to try and manage gameday and what is best for that situation. Once we kind of settled on that, we decided Seth is best case for that right now. But again, I think Seth's done a tremendous job. I've challenged him to stay in on everything we're doing. You never know, things can change quickly, and I think his improvement from when he first got here in January to now has been very significant. He's done very well mentally but also physically. I've seen great strides. I'm very excited about his future."

Johnson on Gophers sophomore quarterback Demry Croft:

"I think there's a maturation that's become. And the thing I get caught a little bit with Demry is you know, he's still young. I think he's older than he is, but he just finished his first year. I think some of the things that I see, the inconsistencies, are a little bit due to that. That's where I'm challenging him, to really improve from that standpoint from the mental consistencies and the things we're trying to ask you to do. But from a talent-wise, I have no question what he can do. He's very talented. Right now, it's that consistency of getting him to do all the things we want at a higher, consistent level. And we're working on it. And again, I have to remember that Demry's still young. I mean heck, he's just coming into his second year."

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