Jamir Harris has a pair of high major schools he expects to visit this fall

Six-foot-2, 180 pound guard Jamir Harris from St. Patrick High School in New Jersey had a standout summer for the NJ Playaz and is now looking at the where and whens of fall visits.

“I was really pleased with my summer,” Jamir Harris said.  “I think that personally I played really well in my last year of AAU basketball.  I loved being around my team, with accomplished a lot of things and our chemistry was really high.

“We did a lot of things people didn’t expect us to.  We made Peach Jam when a lot of people didn’t expect us to.  We played well there and overall my summer was good.”

The Playaz went 14-7 and Harris gave the team 11.4 points per game shooting 38.5 percent from the arc talking roughly 75 percent of his shots a game from the arc (took about seven treys a game).

At most of his games were coaches from high academic places in his future areas of study.  Minnesota was one of those schools regularly.

“Unofficially I visited Minnesota and they are very interested in me,” said Harris.  “Stanford is also very interested although I haven’t visited them.  I’ve visited BC, Penn, Princeton and they are still very interested.  Other than that I haven’t heard from many new schools at this moment.”

Visits are next in line and Jamir has been to most schools looking at him but right there are two schools that he expects to surely visit this fall.

“I don’t have anything finalized for official visits yet, but I plan to take an official to Minnesota, one to Stanford, and I don’t have anything else yet.  And there are no specific dates set yet.”

The Gophers had Jamir on campus at the end of June and they made a big impression on Jamir.

“I love the Minnesota coaching staff as they are a family oriented staff,” said Harris.  “My relationship with the coaches and all of the people over there is really good.  I can definitely see myself playing there. 

“The coaches and everybody over there, I am real cool with them.  I really like the aura of their program. I can definitely relate to the guys they have on their team and I can relate to all of the coaches on the staff.  I like the coaches a lot.”

Harris was more of a scorer for the Playaz who commonly played Jamir with three highly respected point guard prospects.  But Jamir can play the lead guard spot as well.

“I will play whatever the team needs me to do,” said Harris.  “If coach needs me to handle, set things up, and score at the one, I can do that.  If needs me on the wing to score more I can do that.  I don’t have a preferred spot, I just want to do what the team needs.”


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