Florida defensive back Quran Hafiz enjoys his Minnesota official visit

Florida defensive back Quran Hafiz enjoyed his Minnesota official visit, and he spoke about his trip to Minneapolis with GopherIllustrated.


"I went to the game, saw all the football and academic facilities, the campus and the city," Florida defensive back Quran Hafiz said to GopherIllustrated. "We went to eat a lot and I got a chance to go to Coach Claeys house. At the game, I liked the atmosphere at the game, and the defensive scheme they run. I like the the way they use their defensive backs as I went over the film with coach Sawvel and O'Brien yesterday and a lot of the stuff they talk about sounds similar to my high school coaches, so that's good."


"Sawvel told me that I can play any of the three positions in their secondary there," Hafiz explained to Scout.com. "Wherever I fit the most is where I can contribute the earliest is where I'll play. They feel like I'm really versatile, so that's good. I like their campus as it has the city feel to it, and then there's a part where it has that regular college campus feel where you see people chilling on the grass, and throwing the frisby and stuff. It has the best of both. They are getting brand new facilities, but we saw a video on what it will look like, I feel it will be one of the top facilities when built. The current one isn't even bad."


"My host for the visit was Antoine Winfield Jr., and I like him a lot," Hafiz told GI. "I think he'll be a contributor in the secondary this year. His message to me was just to make sure I soak it all in to get the full experience. Claeys' message to me at his house was that he wants me there. He's real laid back, so he was just saying he wants players who want to be at Minnesota, and want to succeed. My mom liked the visit too as she thought it was nice there. I'm high on Minnesota because I liked the visit. I feel like when I take my final official to Iowa State, they will go over the top, but it was good seeing Minnesota. Once I take my ISU official, I can compare the two along with my other visits. I'll make my final decision when I sign in December."

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