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GopherIllustrated GIF Rewind 1st half: Oregon State victory

GopherIllustrated takes a look at Minnesota's win over Oregon State 30-23 through GIF's of the plays that mattered in the first half.

First quarter

KiAnte Hardin near interception

First drive of the game for Oregon State was almost a 10 yard interception return for a touchdown for the Gophers. You'll see above that Hardin closes fast on the ball to force an incomplete pass, but if he takes one less pro hop and breaks out of his backpedal, Minnesota's got an early 6-0 lead. Hardin's got some serious potential for Minnesota this season.

Cody Poock ejection

This play was huge for many reasons. It extended the Beavers drive that would have ended as it was third down, and Oregon State went on to score because of this penalty. Poock, Minnesota's leading tackler from last season, was also out for the rest of the game and with the abundance of linebackers Minnesota loses the rest of the game, Poock's presence could have proved vital. 

Poock is an aggressive by nature player, but has to know when to throttle it down. Gophers will get him back against Indiana State.

Minnesota loses another linebacker

I get the call here of targeting as you'll see that it as a helmet to helmet hit, but you also can see that when Celestin went in initially for the tackle, his helmet is at the mid-section of the Oregon State quarterback and Garretson has yet to commit to a slide. Garretson then commits to the slide and by then, Celestin's course puts him in line for the targeting call. 

My call would be targeting, but the point remains that Garretson didn't commit / give up to the slide until late and by then, it was too late for Celestin. 

2nd quarter

Welcome to college football, Tai'yon Devers

True freshman Tai'yon Devers sure knows how to make a great first impression. Devers working as a wide side defensive end is easily able to turn the corner on 3rd and long and absolutely deliver a hit that reminds you of WWE star Stone Cold Steve Austin with the choke slam. Devers with the strip sack that gives Minnesota the momentum. 

Gophers get on the board

Minnesota's able to get on the board to tie things up a few plays later on a Leidner read option touchdown. Leidner makes the correct read, and gets some help from true freshman Tyler Johnson on the outside to seal the edge for Leidner to dive into the end zone to tie the game at 7-7.

Devers doubles up

If Oregon State right tackle Dustin Stanton doesn't ever see Tai'yon Devers again, it'll still be too soon. Devers' burst off his get off is too quick and Stanton isn't able to set and Devers turns the corner for the second consecutive drive. Garretson is looking for the stop and go on the outside and doesn't see Devers before he's demolished for another strip sack that the Gophers recovers. 

Gophers go deep and get the PI call

First play on the following drive Minnesota takes a shot deep to Drew Wolitarsky that ends up in a pass interference call that's good for the Gophers. Luckily for Minnesota, Beaver DB Xavier Crawford grabs Drew Wolitarsky with his left hand for a long period of time and Woli can't separate, drawing the flag.

Minnesota takes the lead

Have to get a lot of credit to Minnesota's left side of the offensive line here, including center Tyler Moore. Moore and Connor Mayes work a double team to the second level and left tackle Garrison Wright is able to control his man inside, and Smith makes a cut outside and goes north and south for the score to give Minnesota a 14-7 lead. 

Oregon State ties things up

Kunle Ayinde is matched up here with Beavers wide receiver Victor Bolden and all Bolden really does here is run a go route with a little plant to get on the outside shoulder of Ayinde. All it takes is that little stutter step for Bolden to gain a step and Garretson puts it on the money for Beavers score. 

Gophers get a 45 yard field goal at the end of the half, so Minnesota grabs the halftime lead. 

Halftime score: Minnesota 17, Oregon State 14

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