2017 Hopkins (Minn.) DE Boye Mafe receives a "shocking" offer from the Golden Gophers of Minnesota

2017 Hopkins (Minn.) DE Boye Mafe received a "shocking" offer from the Golden Gophers of Minnesota earlier this afternoon, and he spoke about the offer with GopherIllustrated.


"I got a message today at school from coach Mike Sherels saying to call him when I had a chance," Hopkins (Minn.) defensive end Boye Mafe said to GopherIllustrated. "I called him right after school, and we were talking for awhile, and then Sherels told me that I have an offer from Minnesota, and I kind of was in shock. We kept talking after that, and I had to ask him again, like I have a full-ride offer to Minnesota, and he told me, I absolutely do. He told me that they've offered me at defensive end as they loved what I did at camp this summer, and Claeys came to my game on Friday and really liked what he saw from me. They know I'm eager to learn a new position in defensive end, and they'd be an exciting spot for me. I'm still taking this all in with the Minnesota offer as I never really thought that I'd be where I am today. I didn't really take football seriously when I came into high school and even as a sophomore, I thought I'd be more of a basketball player because I'm so tall, but then I just started to fall in love with the game of football, and it's been a crazy process so far."


"I immediately tried calling my parents after Minnesota offered and my dad didn't answer as he's on his way back from Nigeria, so I can't wait for him to see that message when he lands. When I told my mom, she screamed and was so happy, and her and I are still shocked about this Minnesota offer. As I told you earlier, I never really pictured myself as a college football player until recently. I went from not thinking I'd get an offer, to getting my first division one offer from North Dakota, then my first FBS offer from Wyoming and now I just received my first Big Ten offer from Minnesota, so I'm still just trying to comprehend all of what's happened."

"When my dad gets home tomorrow, I'll probably sit down with both my parents and we'll discuss my recruiting, and I want to try and schedule a visit to Minnesota soon after that depending on my parents schedules," Mafe explained to GopherIllustrated. "I do want to visit Minnesota one more time with my family, because their opinion means a lot to me. I'll bring my parents, and brother and probably other family members as well to get their feelings on Minnesota. My brother has already gone through the recruiting process, so I want his thoughts, and I want to make sure my family is okay with me potentially being a Gopher. I also do want to try and visit North Dakota and potentially South Dakota State too, but we'll see after this Minnesota visit. I still don't have a list, but I do want to talk things over with my parents once we're back all together."

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