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The #5 defensive tackle in the Midwest in Illinois' Kendrick Green previews his Minnesota official visit with GI

The #5 defensive tackle in the Midwest in Illinois' Kendrick Green previews his Minnesota official visit with GopherIllustrated.


"My mother and father will be traveling up with me to Minnesota this weekend for my official visit," Illinois defensive tackle Kendrick Green said to GopherIllustrated. "I'll leave straight from my game Friday night at Bloomington high school and drive to Chicago. I'll stay the night in Chicago and catch a flight from Chicago To Minneapolis on Saturday morning, so I'm excited for the visit."


"I've been talking with coach Miller and Phelps for the most part lately," Green said about his contact with the Minnesota coaches. " They want me to keep lifting and hopefully if I end up at Minnesota, I can compete for a spot early on the defensive line. Phelps has told me I'd play interior defensive line for the Gophers, and I'd definitely be cool with that, although I'm not against playing somewhere else though."


"What I'm looking forward to most about this weekend is seeing the defense, and how I could fit in on the team," Greene explained to GopherIllustrated. " I also can't wait to see the game day experience as this will be my first time ever being in Minnesota. What's caught my eye about the Gophers thus far is I like coach Phelps a lot and I kind of want to go to school in a big city like Minneapolis. With coach Phelps, he worked with me at the Lake Park camp this past summer, and I just like the way he instructs and gets his point across. Out of the schools that have offered me right now, Minnesota is in my top three. I don't think I'll commit after this weekend, as I'm still talking with Iowa, and they haven't offered yet. They are figuring out how they basically want to finish their recruiting class and if they want to take another defensive tackle or not, but I want to make a decision within the next two months. I'm very excited for this weekend, and Ski-U-Mah!"

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