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Week 6 Big Ten East Power Ratings

Ohio State and Michigan continue to stay perfect, but the Buckeyes are winning with style and absolutely dominating their opponents.

Big Ten East Power Ratings:  Week 6


No. 1 Ohio State

DTCR:  60% (+9%)

Week 6:  Ohio State and Urban Meyer are not my favorite teams or coaches, but you have to tip your cap to both.  When Ohio State dominated the 2016 NFL Draft you thought for sure the Buckeyes would take a step back as their new weapons acclimated themselves to major college football.  That didn't happen and it doesn't look like it will.  Ohio State is firing on all cylinders and they look like a clear cut favorite to win the Big Ten and advance to the playoffs.

No. 2 Michigan

DTCR:  40% (-9%) 

Week 6:   The best thing Jim Delaney could do is to move the Ohio State - Michigan game to earlier in the season so the loser would have enough time to recover and lobby to be the second team invited to the playoff.  I love Michigan's defense but at this point it just doesn't look like they will have enough firepower to roll into Columbus and beat the Buckeyes on the final weekend of the regular season.  Michigan is good but 11-1 most likely won't be good enough.



No. 3 Michigan State Spartans

DTCR:  0% (-10%)

Week 6:  Are people finally OK with me putting Michigan State on a 7-5 season?  The Spartans are solid and nobody respects what Mark Dantonio has done since he arrived in East Lansing, but occasionally even the big boys of college football have an off year.  The Spartans will still have their chances to define the East as they host both Ohio State and Michigan this year.

No. 4 Maryland

DTCR:  0% (No Change)

Week 6:  I've been singing Maryland's praises over the past few weeks and they continue to roll.  I know they had Purdue this weekend but good teams destroy bad teams and do not let them hang around.  That is exactly what Maryland did as they were able to name the score against the brutal Boilermakers.  If you look at Maryland's schedule you will notice that the Terp's have a legit chance to start the season 8-0.



No. 5 Penn State

DTCR:  0% (No Change)

Week 6:  Penn State just isn't that good.  I know they are still in rebuilding mode from the scandal and things will get better but the Nittany Lions are still a few years away from trying to make a statement.  As far as 2016 goes Penn State is a 6-6, maybe 7-5 team and James Franklin will need to lobby to keep his job or at least avoid sitting on an extremely warm hot seat.



No. 6 Indiana

DTCR:  0% (No Change)

Week 6:  Congrats to the Hoosiers for their big overtime win over Michigan State at home on Saturday night in Bloomington.  It is nice to see a team that has struggled over the past several decades get a big home win and reward their fans for their loyalty.  Enjoy the win Hoosier fans.  Oh by the way, the Hoosiers travel to Ohio State this week.



No. 7 Rutgers

DTCR:  0% (No Change)

Week 6:  The bad news for Rutgers is they are now 0-2 in the Big Ten following a 58-0 loss to Ohio State on Saturday.  The even worse news is that it doesn't get any easier as Michigan rolls into town next week to take on the Scarlet Knights.

*DTCR:  Division Title Confidence Rating

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