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Week 7 Big Ten West Power Ratings

Iowa, Nebraska and Wisconsin are the clear powers of the Big Ten West. The team that wins the round robin between the three should be in Indianapolis. Iowa gets both the Huskers and Badgers in Iowa City.

Big Ten West Power Ratings:  Week 7


No. T1 Nebraska

DTCR:  45% (+5%)

Week 7:  It's gonna be simple for the Huskers.  If you want to win the Big Ten West and get back to Indianapolis for another shot at the Big Ten title you are going to have to beat Wisconsin in Madison.  I don't know if they can do that but right now I have Nebraska sitting on a 10-2 with their only losses coming to Ohio State and Wisconsin.



No. T1 Wisconsin

DTCR:  45% (+5%) 

Week 7:  The Badgers are going to get drilled this Saturday night in front of their home fans by Ohio State.  However, the season still sets up nice for Wisconsin if they can beat Nebraska at home and Iowa on the road.  If they can win those two games they will be in line for another trip to the Big Ten title game.  Slip up and Barry will be back to lobbying for a solid bowl destination.



No. 3 Iowa

DTCR:  10% (+1%)

Week 7:  The Hawkeyes are in great shape to contend for the West if they can just beat Nebraska and Wisconsin at home.  Even with a loss to Michigan at home and a road loss to Penn State, the 6-3 Hawkeyes would trump the 6-3 Huskers and Badgers.  I just don't think that happens.  Iowa loses to both Nebraska and Wisconsin at home and finishes conference play at 4-5.



No. 4 Northwestern

DTCR:  0% (No Change)

Week 7:  It should be interesting to see how Northwestern finishes out their 2016 campaign.  They were off last week following a road victory over Iowa and now travel to beat up and bruised Michigan State this weekend.  I wouldn't put it past Northwestern to get hot down the stretch and finish at 5-4 or even 6-3 in the conference.


No. 5 Minnesota

DTCR:  0% (-11%)

Week 7:  The Gophers had the schedule everyone in Dinkytown was hoping for after watching Wisconsin and Iowa benefit from a similar schedule over the past couple years.  However, the Gophers swung and missed on their first two statement games in 2016 and now must re-focus over the next four weekends.  Minnesota should have enough to go 4-0 against Maryland, Rutgers, Illinois and Purdue, but will that really impress anyone or notify the rest of the Big Ten that the Gophers are for real or headed in the right direction?  That will be decided in the final three contests against Nebraska, Northwestern and Wisconsin.



No. 6 Purdue

DTCR:  0% (No Change)

Week 7:  Purdue leapfrogs Illinois after waltzing into Memorial Stadium and knocking off the Illini in overtime.  I still doubt Purdue wins another game but the Boilers should enjoy this win, as it could be their last conference win for quite a while.



No. 7 Illinois

DTCR:  0% (No Change)

Week 7:  New coaching staff or not you just cannot lose at home to Purdue.  The Lovie Smith era was off to such a great start...well, until the actual games started to be played.  Illini fans are fine though, they are building for brighter days and Smith just might get there some day.



*DTCR:  Division Title Confidence Rating

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