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GopherIllustrated GIF Rewind 2nd half: Maryland

GopherIllustrated takes a look at Minnesota's road win against Maryland 31-10 through GIF's of the plays that mattered in the second half.

Third quarter

Wolitarsky gets a generous spot

Thanks to Big Ten officiating, Minnesota's able to get a first down here without a measurement, even though I thought it was pretty clear that Wolitarsky catches the ball about a half yard short of the first down marker. Not sure where the line judge got that spot, but Minnesota will take it. 

Gophers end up kicking a field goal on this drive to go up 17-0.

This is the only GIF from this quarter and the next four drives resulted in punts. 

Third quarter score: Minnesota 17, Maryland 0

Fourth quarter

Defensive tackle swarm

I know I'm talking about it each week right now, but Minnesota's defensive tackle one through four are playing at a high level right now. Gophers have Andrew Stelter and Yoshoub Timms in, and you watch them immediately drive back the linemen, which causes the running back to dance around with nowhere to go, and Nick Rallis and Stelter combine for the tackle for loss. I've talked about him for the second consecutive week, but Stelter is really playing at a high level right now, as is Timms. Interior penetration from the defensive line is a huge reason opposing offenses can't get on track with the run game. 

Celestin wishes he could do that again

Maryland tries to go underneath to a tunnel screen on third and nine, and Jonathan Celestin is playing the best ball of his career for a reason. He reads the quarterback's eyes and the leaving offensive lineman and misses the chance for a potential pick six. Ball slides in between his hands and it allows Maryland to get on the board with a field goal. 

Smith takes it to the house

Another situation where Maryland is plus one in the box as they have eight defenders to seven Minnesota blockers, but it doesn't end up mattering. The issue for opposing defenses when you do put that many bodies so close to the line of scrimmage is that no safety help is deep to prevent a 15 yard gain from going to a 70 yard one. 

Fantastic blocks here by center Tyler Moore, right guard Connor Mayes and even right tackle Nick Connelly to spring Smith here to a big hole. You could almost drive a bus through that hole and the Terarpin linebacker isn't able to see where Smith is and by the time he does, Smith is past him and is one on one with the safety. Great job of maintaining his balance after the safety tries to push him out, and Smith is able to finally break the long one and it essentially puts the game away with the Gophers now up 24-3.

Myrick wants that one back

Not sure if the receiver ran a deep comeback or what the route was, but Jalen Myrick read the quarterback's eyes as he stares down the receiver hard, and jumps the route for what likely would have been a touchdown with Myrick's speed. The ball slips through Myrick's hands and hits him in the stomach and falls harmlessly incomplete. Myrick is bailed out though because later on the drive....

Antoine Winfield Jr. goes the distance

To be honest, I'm not sure why the Maryland quarterback threw this ball as the Terrapin wide receiver is absolutely eviscerated by three Gopher defenders even if he catches this ball. The ball deflects off his hands as he sees the pressure coming, and Antoine Winfield is in the right place at the right time to pick off the pass and take it 82 yards back for the touchdown. Also love seeing Carter Coughlin 50 yards downfield blocking to make sure that Minnesota's able to convert this for a score. 

Minnesota goes up 31-10 and that ends up being the final score.

Final score: Minnesota 31, Maryland 10

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