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Thoughts from today's Maroon/Gold Scrimmage

Minnesota gave the Gopher fans their first viewing of the 2016-17 season. The scrimmage was short but the players got their nerves out in a 20 minute running time event.


Teams shot a combined 12 of 43 so this did not help their fans concern of “will they be able to shoot” but it was a lot of getting nerves out of the system.

Teams were split into maroon and gold with Dupree, Coffey, Gaston, Curry, Hurt, and Sharp on the maroon side, Mason, Springs, Gilbert, Murphy, Konate, and Rudrud on the other.  Reggie Lynch is recovering from surgery so he did not play. 

It’s only a small viewing but the ball moved a lot throughout the scrimmage.  Guys were really active on and off the ball.  This seems like a more active and high energy team.  Would love to see Eric Curry play with Jordan Murphy often.  Their activity, agility, and energy together would be tough to deal with.  Add in Reggie Lynch and it’s a nice group.

Pitino said that Reggie Lynch will be full go by the end of next week which is a big sign.  Next up for the team is their scrimmage with DePaul and then the exhibition game in November.

Player Thoughts

Dupree McBrayer.  McBrayer played lead guard as expected and did a solid job.  Not much for turnovers for his team.  Started the game with a three and then an attacking score but then had trouble hitting later. Good first impression though.

Amir Coffey.  Made one of five shots but loved the way he moved the ball, how he moved off the ball curling to the top of the arc and curling off screens, and his general feel will make this team better.  His catch after a tight curl that became a pass to a cutter for a score, that is what makes him such a tough player to deal with.

Gaston Diedhuou.  Scored on his first touch which was a quick left shoulder spin after knocking his man off balance with contact completed with a right hand finish on the other side.  Excellent move.  Also worked for four boards.  Thought he was better than I expected.

Eric Curry.  There has been a lot of hype sent his way and in the 14 minutes he seemed to justify it.  Short scrimmage but a good effort.  Seven boards in 14 active minutes.  Made both foul shots, scored inside.  Really like what he could do next to the other front court players. Excellent first impression.

Nate Mason.  Made 2 of 7 shots but also made his two foul shots and created four 1-foot scores for his teammates.  All of his assists were attacking a gap and then hitting a backside teammate for a scorer.  His second three was from beyond NBA range.  I feel like he will have a huge year.

Michael Hurt.  Started, moved the ball really well, moved off the ball well, and just did what he was asked to.  Steady on both ends.  Missed his two three-point attempts but those will go down in the future.

Akeem Springs.  Took early shots in both halves fast in the possession.  Looked frustrated with his 0 for 5 shooting.  Tough first outing but it was just a short scrimmage.

Ahmad Gilbert.  This looked like the guy that played hard when he started this six winter games.  Very active.  Grabbed four boards, hit a three, scored off the ball.  If he plays with this type of energy all the time he will be an asset off the bench.

Jordan Murphy.  Outside of an early dunk he was kind of quiet.  Missed the jumpers he took.  But while quiet, he still made 3 of 4 foul shots, had the dunk, grabbed five boards in 14 minutes so he was very affective. 

Bakary Konate.  Finished a pair of dump-offs including one impressive jam.  Grabbed four boards, active around the paint.

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