Asad speaks

In our continuing effort to get you ready for the season opener on Saturday, GoldenSports.Net sat down with starting quarterback Asad Abdul-Khaliq to get his thoughts on the upcoming season.

GSN: What has the offseason been like for you as you prepare for your senior season?

Asad Abdul-Khaliq: For me personally, this has been one of the better off-seasons I've had since I've been here because everything is just so much more important. I'm a fifth-year senior and so are a lot of other guys on the team. This is the best team that I've been a part of since I've been here, and we're just expecting big things. The offseason has been really serious, and all the guys have been taking it seriously and we're ready to work.

GSN: Tell me about your health.

Asad Abdul-Khaliq: I'm 100 percent finally, and I'm just ready to work. If I can stay 100 percent throughout the season, I think our team and definitely myself, we can do some good things.

GSN: What personal goals have you set for this year?

Asad Abdul-Khaliq: My personal goal is to be the best that I can be, seriously, because I've had some ups and downs throughout my years here. This year the biggest goal for me is consistency. If I can stay consistent throughout the season I can help myself and my teammates.

GSN: How about your team goals?

Asad Abdul-Khaliq: It's just to go as far as we can, and to put all our talent and potential out there on the field and leave it out there. If we can do that and be consistent throughout the season, we can be one of those top-10 teams.

GSN: How has the bowl victory helped you in the offseason?

Asad Abdul-Khaliq: It's been a big inspiration, because coming off that bowl win everybody came back in the offseason with a little upbeat tempo. We're still on an up note, and it carried over throughout the summer. Everybody says you're only as good as your last game, and we went out on a winning note.

GSN: How do you think the conference is going to shake out this year?

Asad Abdul-Khaliq: A lot of teams have a lot of experience, just like ourselves, and in college football the Big Ten is always going to be one of the better conferences. We'll always have some tough teams out there who'll always give us a run for our money, and we'll do the same for them, so it's going to be very exciting to see how the season turns out in this conference.

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