Week 12 Big Ten East Power Ratings

Ohio State has regained their form and looks to be ready to finish off Michigan State and Michigan over the last two weeks of the season. Despite not playing in Indianapolis will the Bucks make the playoffs?

Big Ten East Power Ratings:  Week 12

No. T1 Ohio State

DTCR:  40% (+20%) 

Week 12: Right now Ohio State needs help to get to Indianapolis.  The Buckeyes first need to win out, which I expect them to do at this point, over Sparty on the road and Michigan at home.  Then they need help.  If Penn State also wins out the two programs will sit tied for the East at 8-1 the Lions will represent the East due to their victory over Ohio State earlier this season.  I fully expect Ohio State to watch Penn State play in the Big Ten title game and still be invited as the No. 2 overall seed into the College Football Playoff.

No. T1 Penn State

DTCR:  40% (+30%)

Week 12:  Penn State also needs help.  They need to win their final two games and hope Michigan loses one down the stretch to either Indiana at home or Ohio State in Columbus.  If Penn State ends up 8-1 and tied with Ohio State they head to Indianapolis.  If Penn State ends up 8-1 and tied with Michigan they will sit out due to their 49-10 blow out loss at the hands of Big Blue on September 24th.

No. 3 Michigan

DTCR:  20% (-50%)

Week 12:  The Wolverines are the only school in the Big Ten East that controls their own destiny.  All Michigan needs to do is win their final two remaining ballgames and they will head to Indianapolis.  If Big Blue can extend that two game winning streak into three games by beating West champion Wisconsin they will also punch their ticket into the College Football Playoff.  As it stands right now, Ohio State is playing a great brand of football and should beat Michigan in the finale.  Setting up a strange situation of the East co-champion not qualifying for the Big Ten title game, but easily qualifying for the playoff.

No. 4 Indiana

DTCR:  0% (No Change)

Week 12:  Indiana currently sits at 5-5 and wants nothing more than to find one more win in order to qualify for a bowl game.  The Hoosiers won't get it this week in Ann Arbor, but should be safe considering Purdue is on the schedule for their regular season finale in Bloomington.

No. 5 Maryland

DTCR:  0% (No Change)

 Week 12:  The Terps are also 5-5 after getting absolutely pasted last Saturday at home against Ohio State 62-3.  Maryland will have a tough time getting their sixth win this weekend as they travel to Lincoln, but much like Indiana they do have a patsy waiting for them in Week 13 with Rutgers coming to College Park.

No. 6 Michigan State

DTCR:  0% (No Change)

Week 12:  Michigan State showed a little life last weekend in their domination of Rutgers 49-0.  Can Sparty possibly keep this momentum going into their home game with Ohio State this weekend?  I doubt it, but at least last week's performance might keep some people interested in a possible upset in East Lansing.  Michigan State has ruined Ohio State seasons before.

No. 7 Rutgers

DTCR:  0% (No Change)

Week 12:  Rutgers is just waiting to get to the offseason so they can focus on recruiting and upgrading their roster on a full-time basis.  

*DTCR:  Division Title Confidence Rating

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