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Week 13 Big Ten West Power Ratings

All Wisconsin needs to do is extend their winning streak over Minnesota to 13 games and they will represent the Big Ten West in Indianapolis next weekend.

Big Ten West Power Ratings:  Week 13


No. 1 Wisconsin

DTCR:  90% (-9%)

Week 13: Wisconsin will know exactly what they need to do against Minnesota if they want to win the West and advance to Indy.  If Iowa beats Nebraska on Friday the Badgers will be a lock to rep the West.  However, Wisconsin already knows what they want out of Saturday since they are still trying to set themselves up for an invite into the College Football Playoff.  The Badgers will be looking for a dominating performance over the Gophers and then again next weekend over the East champion.



No. 2 Nebraska

DTCR:  6% (+5%) 

Week 13:  The Huskers need to first beat Iowa on Friday and then immediately become best friends with Minnesota.  A win over the Hawkeyes will technically secure the Huskers as at least co-champions of the Big Ten West, but if Minnesota follows that with an upset of Wisconsin the Huskers will win the West outright and advance to Indianapolis.

No. 3 Iowa

DTCR:  2% (+2%)

Week 13:  Iowa currently has no chance of playing in the Big Ten Championship Game next weekend, but they do have an outside shot of finishing in a four-way tie for the West title with a win over Nebraska and a Badger loss on Saturday afternoon.  Such a scenario would put Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota in a four-way tie for the division title at 6-3.

No. 4 Minnesota

DTCR:  2% (+2%)

Week 13:  Nebraska wants to be BFF's with Minnesota this weekend, however it is long time rivals Iowa and Minnesota that will be holding hands this weekend.  Minnesota wants nothing more than to see a Hawkeye win on Saturday, and in turn the Hawkeyes will be yelling Ski U Mah all day on Saturday if Iowa can knock off Nebraska.  Bottom Line?  Both Iowa and Minnesota would love to be able to call themselves Big Ten West Champions, and the only way that happens is if both programs win and the four-way tie at 6-3 comes to fruition.  



No. 5 Northwestern

DTCR:  0% (No Change)

Week 13:  Nobody has promoted the coaching skills of Pat Fitzgerald more than I have over the past several season.  I have a lot of respect for what Fitzgerald brings to the table.  However, Fitz was flat out brutal last weekend in Minneapolis and cost his team a chance to be competitive down the stretch.  On at least three occasions you could argue that Fitzgerald made questionable calls to go for conversions versus taking easy points.  At any rate, the Gophers defense made a once dynamic Cat offense look pedestrian.  



No. 6 Illinois

DTCR:  0% (No Change)

Week 13:  The Illini were shut out at home to the Hawkeyes 28-0 last Saturday.  There late season embarrassment continues.

No. 7 Purdue

DTCR:  0% (No Change)

Week 13:  My only thoughts on Purdue right now are completely focused on their coaching search.  I can only hope the Boilermakers don't get this hire right and bring in a young, energetic, and talented coach who hails from the Midwest. 



*DTCR:  Division Title Confidence Rating

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