QB Rey Estes loves his first trip to the University of Minnesota

QB Rey Estes loved his first trip to the University of Minnesota, and he spoke about it with GopherIllustrated.


"We did a lot of my Minnesota official visit," East St. Louis quarterback and Minnesota commit Reyondous Estes said to GopherIllustrated. "We went to the Smaaash virtual reality arcade in the mall, toured the Vikings new stadium, took a tour of the Gophers campus, their stadium, went to the basketball game against Wisconsin and then went to breakfast in the press box before we left. It was great. My host for the visit was Phillip Howard and he's from Minneapolis. He showed me nothing but a big brother mentality. He told me anything is possible at Minnesota."


"I spoke a lot RB coach Burns and the offensive coordinator Kirk Ciarrocca," Estes explained. "Coach Burns told me a lot of things, but basically to come there to work and with an open mind. The OC told me what he's looking for and what role a quarterback truly plays. He's looking for me to be able to play my part, and pick things up fast. He also told me that a quarterback needs to display outstanding leadership, be a team sponge, and the person to make a team believe that they can do anything. Those are all things that I do now, but I really need to take it to the next level now that I'm already dealing with collegiate athletes."

Estes and his family are ready to make things official next week.

"I can't say enough about my first visit to Minnesota as it was ELITE," Estes told GI. "My mom felt the same way, maybe more excited. Coach Fleck and I spoke and he's going to bring Row the Boat to the Big Ten. I got to kick it with the other guys on the visit, and we all bonded. Can't wait to see them in the summer. I want Gopher fans to know the class of 2017 is bring the Big Ten Championship back to Dinkytown."

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