Gophers tight end commit Nate Umlor has an elite Minnesota official visit

Gophers tight end commit Nate Umlor has an elite Minnesota official visit over the weekend, and he spoke about it with GopherIllustrated.

"My family and I toured the Vikings stadium, all the Gopher facilities, the city of Minneapolis, the campus as well as the Mall of America," Michigan tight end Nate Umlor said to GopherIllustrated. "I had Steven Richardson as my host and he's the coolest guy ever. I got along great with him. He was telling me all about Minnesota, and he said it's a beautiful place here and I will love it at Minnesota. All the guys on the team will have my back, and it's a brotherhood there."

"I spoke the most with coach Callahan and Simon while I was there," Umlor explained. "Coach Callahan and I talked about how elite of a tight end I will be. We also went over some plays and stuff and we just connected even more than what we have already. They want me to be able to do everything and that is how it always has been for me. They want to use my size, speed ,and hands to my best of ability. Simon was super excited to see my family and I, because over the past year and a half, we have grown very close. So we were just ecstatic to be in Minneapolis together. Coach Fleck was so excited that I came with him. He said that no matter where he puts me on the field (which will be tight end as of right now and always has been) I have the complete ability to be an NFL player. He said I was a freak of nature with how big I am, and my feet and hands are elite. He said I will be a 275 lb tight end that can catch and run at an elite level. But the thing he says that separated me, was how competitive I am.  He also said that I am an elite person as well and that is what he loves about me. He told me that I may need to play as a freshman so I need to be ready and I will be. He is very excited for me to be a Gopher and so am I!"

Umlor's family has completely bought in to Minnesota and Fleck. 

"My parents were with, and they think it's the perfect fit for me. Can't wait to sign next week to make it official that I'm a Gopher!"

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