Texas defensive back Adam Beck decides to make the switch from Texas Tech to the Minnesota Golden Gophers

Texas defensive back Adam Beck decided to make the switch from Texas Tech to the Minnesota Golden Gophers over the weekend, and spoke about his decision with GopherIllustrated.


"It's been a crazy week or so, but I'm blessed to tell you tonight I am committed to the University of Minnesota," Texas defensive back Adam Beck said to GopherIllustrated. "Defensive back's coach Mo Linguist and I had a really good relationship going back to Mississippi State, so me and him were pretty close. When he took the job at Minnesota, he told me to call him immediately and when I did he told me that they'd been looking at their recruiting board and I was at the top of their list. Again, Coach Mo and I had a great relationship while at Mississippi State, so it meant a lot when he told me they thought so highly of me still. He came down last Monday and visited me last Monday, and then coach Fleck called and offered me personally on the phone, so it's been crazy."


"My parents came with me on my official visit to Minnesota this past weekend and they loved it," Beck explained to GopherIllustrated. "We had a chance to see the city, the Minnesota campus, Mall of America too, and it was all beautiful. My host for the visit was Jaylen Waters and he's from Texas too. He's a linebacker, so we don't play the same position, but he showed me around and made sure felt welcome. Coach Mo and I spent a lot of time together over the weekend with my boy Kendarian Handy-Holly as well, and coach Mo was telling me that he loves my versatility. He's going to train me at all of the defensive back spots in terms of safety, corner, nickel corner so I'm ready for anything next season. He thinks I can play at multiple positions, so there's really not one specific position I'm committed at right now other than defensive back. I have to be ready to play early. Coach Fleck told me when he offered me and on my official visit that I have to be ready to play early and don't be scared to be thrown into the fire as a freshman."

After flipping from Texas Tech, Beck is now set on signing with the Golden Gophers. 

"I'd say the biggest thing that lead me to Minnesota was the love from the coaches and players," Beck told GI. "I'm really happy with my decision as I'm talking to you here soon. When I was committed to Texas Tech, the play of their defense was on my mind a lot and I was wondering if I made the right decision, and with Minnesota, I know I did. You see P.J. Fleck's track record  and then Minnesota's the last few years, and I know I'm going to love it there. He has a vision for the program and I'm set on being a Gopher. I'm done with visits and will sign with Minnesota next Wednesday."

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