Ohio offensive lineman Austin Beier receives another Big Ten offer from Minnesota

Ohio offensive lineman Austin Beier receives another Big Ten offer from Minnesota, and he spoke about his Gophers visit with GopherIllustrated.


"I got to hear the strength coach talk, see the campus and stadium, and talk with coach Warinner and Fleck," Ohio offensive lineman Austin Beier said to GopherIllustrated. "Minnesota defenitely wasn't as cold as I thought as I had to take off my sweatshirt because I was so warm. It seemed like a lot Toledo weather wise, expect it's sunnier in Minnesota. I only really saw the stadium where I was there, but it was extremely impressive. The view from press box was amazing and I love how unique and colossal the locker room was."


"When I was talking with the Gophers strength coach, he really preached his system," Beier told GI. "He talked about his culture in the weight room and just the way he carries himself, really impressed me. His culture is extremely intense as he wants to make each of his players crack everyday so that he can build them back up. I spoke with coach Warinner for awhile to really just try to get to know each other on a personal level. He's a great guy and I can see myself playing for me. Coach Fleck spoke with me about how he's looking for people to fit into his system and culture, and he believes I'm a fit, so they offered. My dad was with me on this trip, and he really liked Fleck and his philosophy too. He also liked the family feel of the program and how well run the Junior Day was at Minnesota."

Minnesota gave Beier a lot to think about this weekend. 

"I'd say my favorite part of the visit today was just talking with coach Fleck and Warinner as I feel like the people are the most important thing. Those two are who I'd be seeing everyday for the next four to five years. I'd say Minnesota's in my top three with Boston College and Northwestern. Minnesota's in there because of the quality of school, but also the people there. I'll be visiting Michigan State on the 25th, and I roughly want to make a decision by the beginning of the summer."

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