Illinois athlete Samson Evans is feeling good about Minnesota following his visit this weekend

Illinois athlete Samson Evans is feeling good about Minnesota following his visit this weekend, and he spoke about the visit with GopherIllustrated.

"I got a chance to talk to the offensive coordinator and wide receivers coach for awhile, got a tour of the locker room and facilities that are open, plus we had a chance to sit down and talk with coach P.J. Fleck one on one," Illinois athlete Samson Evans explained to GI. "The offensive coordinator and I talked for awhile about a lot of things. I asked about my position there at Minnesota, and he said he watched my film and really liked what I can do. After he watched, he wrote down something like don't know where he will play, but he can play and we need the ball in his hands. It feels good to hear because it shows me that they really want me to play somewhere on offense and that's the biggest thing for me. The wide receiver coach and I talked about what it takes to play wide receiver there and how they treat there, and how he'll make you work like an NFL wide receiver. I'm fine with the potential of playing wide receiver as I fell like I really have a chance to excel there if I'm given the opportunity and am with the right coaches."

"The campus and facilities there were amazing," Evans said. "Everything that I got to see was insane. We even got to see a sneak peak of what the new facilities that are going up soon are going to look like, and they're ridiculous. The locker was breath-taking on how big it was. When I got to talk with coach Fleck, he talked about what he sees in me and how I can be an asset to their team. He says he sees me as a Christian McCaffrey type of player for them. I've always been a huge fan of Christian and everything he does at the collegiate level, so to be compared to him was a great honor. My parents loved the Minnesota visit too. They couldn't stop talking about it on the ride home. they loved the facilities there and they loved coach Fleck. They love what he's about."

The Gophers made a good first impression on the Illinois athlete. 

"I'm feeling really good about Minnesota. I wasn't sure going into it, but after talking with the coaches and seeing everything, it definitely puts them up there for me. I have a lot of thinking to do now. I plan on going back up to Iowa soon with my teammate who is committed there, but that's about it for visits right now. I think it's hard to say at the moment if it's between Iowa and Minnesota, but they are definitely both up there for me. I'm hoping to have a decision before football starts."

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