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Gophers offensive line signee Blaise Andries wants to model his game after the Gopher linemen that came before him

Marshall (Minn.) offensive lineman and new Gopher signee Blaise Andries is the latest Gopher to sign in the 2017 class and he went in-depth with GopherIllustrated.com to share more about his reasons to sign with Minnesota.


GopherIllustrated.com: What is your current height and weight? What weight would the Gopher staff like you to report at this summer?

Blaise Andries: I am currently 6'6" and 305 lbs,  and I am not sure what they would like for me to report at yet for the summer.

GopherIllustrated.com: What are your individual and team goals you hope to accomplish during your college career?

BA: My individual goal for college is to strive to be the best I can and to help the team in any way possible. My first team goal is to win the B1G.

GopherIllustrated.com: What are you looking to work on the most this spring to prepare yourself for Big Ten football?

BA: I will work on my strength and quickness the most to prepare me for the summer. 

GopherIllustrated.com: What future moment are you looking forward to the most as a Gopher?

BA: I am looking forward to the challenge of playing against some of the best players in the country with my teammates.

GopherIllustrated.com: What was the main reason you chose to attend the University of Minnesota?

BA: The people there are unmatched by any other University. They are willing to work hard for each other to achieve a common goal.

GopherIllustrated.com: What team do you want to beat the most as a Gopher and why?

BA: Iowa. Wisconsin. Nebraska. It's personal.

GopherIllustrated.com: Is there any unfinished academic business or are you all set to enroll at Minnesota?

BA: I'm all set to enroll.


GopherIllustrated.com: If you don't make it to the NFL, where do you see yourself in 10 years?

BA: Working as an actuary for an insurance company based in Minnesota.

GopherIllustrated.com: What is it about Coach Fleck and the coaching staff that makes you want to play for them?

BA: They have very clear goals and they have a plan to accomplish those goals. 

GopherIllustrated.com: What is something you learned about University of Minnesota that surprised you during the recruiting process?

BA: It was awesome that the academic advisor really cared about me as a student and helped me understand the required classes.  The combined quality of the academics, alumni network and football program sets the University of Minnesota apart from the other universities that I visited.

GopherIllustrated.com: What position do you expect to play at Minnesota? What other position did the Gopher staff mention as a possibility?

BA: Offensive line, I don't mind where on the line. They haven't mentioned specifics after that.

GopherIllustrated.com: What have the coaches told you regarding how they plan to utilize your strengths as a player?

BA: They have said that they like the way I play with my run blocking and quickness off the ball.

GopherIllustrated.com: Have you had any communication with other Minnesota recruits and if so what?

BA: Yes, we all keep in touch with each other on a daily basis over text and such.

GopherIllustrated.com: What player do you model your game after and why?

BA: I admire past Gopher linemen (ie Greg Eslinger, Ray Hawes, Ray Hitchcock) – it is such a tradition to be a Minnesota Gopher lineman and play football in the Big 10.  I met Ray Hawes this past fall.  He showed me his Big 10 championship ring and said “We need another one of these!”I agree and I plan to do all that I can to make it happen!

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