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Gopher Game Blog: Minnesota wins at Maryland

Minnesota earned their ninth win of the Big Ten season and their sixth win in a row tonight beating 23rd ranked Maryland 89-75. Five players hit double figures led by the 18 points from Dupree McBrayer.

GI will provide out game analysis in The Gopher Game Blog but you can make your comments in The Gopher Report game thread linked below:

First Half

Melo Trimble blows by Akeem Springs for a score and Demontrae Dodd did a nice job closing Reggie Lynch off and Reggie should have been called for a foul….Trimble gets by Springs again for a play make….Springs gets it back with an attacking score.  Too big for Trimble…Akeem gets a three over Trimble just being taller with feet set…Trimble uses a Reggie ball screen to hit a three!  That’s eight straight, too big for Trimble…Reggie with a second block already…Reggie with a nice start with a putback dunk, blocks, and a couple boards…MN 10 Maryland 4...

Jordan Murphy needs to stop shooting these jumpers, wait until next year please.  Percentage isn’t there…Amir Coffey once again not very involved so far although Minnesota has gone to the mismatch of Akeem strength against Melo shorter size…Jordan Murphy misses a board so Justin Jackson gets an easy score.  Murphy hasn’t missed many board grabs lately but that was one…Murphy with another deep miss.  Enough man, you shoot 15 percent at the arc!...Bakary comes on for Reggie and gets a well positioned block…Springs shakes his man, another shorter player, and scores again for ten points….Mason losses his man and Maryland gets a wide open three.  Nate just stopped and ball watched.  Terrible defense by Mason…Curry with a gorgeous spin away into a ten foot one hand jumpshook.  Pretty make…Michael Hurt on the floor and makes a big defensive play in help defense.  I think he gets a block there too…Bakary pushes his man out of the way and Mason completes a play.  Nice score…Minnesota bench has all came on the floor and made a play…MN 17 Maryland 13….

Nate Mason losses his man again (Bradley).  That’s twice has ball watched and lost his guy giving up a three….Bakary with some good position defense forcing a tough shot from Dodd.  Bakary was on help once but has done a lot of good things in his time.  Lynch back on at the perfect time…Curry with an airball.  More misses from the power forwards on jumpers.  Then Jackson makes a three over him as Curry was out of position…Curry with another missed jumper.  There is a reason the bigs are given a cushion….Coffey with a travel and he has not done much…Reggie gets a foul…Lynch with a deflection, Dupree with the outlet, Coffey with the transition which is automatic….MN 19 Maryland 21…

Coffey attacks and dumps to Reggie with a dunk.  Great feed from Amir wrapping around…Murphy with excellent position defense to make Jackson go over him and Jordan gets small contact for a block.  Or half block…Dupree three!!!  Mason transition three!!!!....Reggie’s second foul is straight dog trash.  What did he do jump to far to the middle?...Nate splits the high pick and roll and hits a floater.  Pretty shot and a nice screen from Bakary…Pick and roll forces three Gopher rotations and Dupree couldn’t get his as it was too much ground to cover so it’s a Maryland dunk…Bakary is coming off the screens too slow.  His recovery takes too long…MN 29 Maryland 27…

Murphy gets a foul because in the fight for the board the other guy was weaker and fell.  That’s it.  Terrible call…Curry in for Bakary so the Gophs go small.  They give up the paint as teams attack the hole when Bakary and Reggie are out.  But when Bakary is on he can’t come off screens so this is the right move…Curry with a terrible pass to Coffey that is stolen.  Pass had zero chance…Curry gets a deflection forcing a Maryland miss…Curry with another bad turnover…Minnesota is getting killed by Maryland screens and the roll off the screen.  Tons of open scores on it…Ivan Bender is killing Minnesota.  This is ridiculous…Gopher bigs are simply getting outplayed in all ways.  Reggie is the only one playing well and he can’t stay on the floor although his second foul was terrible…MN 34 Maryland 35…

Second Half

Akeem Springs happy to be back on the floor after foul trouble and he hits a quick three….Amir with a steal and assist to Akeem for a transition three….Murphy losses Jackson, Murphy gets screened off by Dodd, easy putback score from Jackson….Coffey off a screen easily scores over Trimble who looked tiny and helpless….Reggie gets a third foul moving with his man and I honestly didn’t see the contact.  Must have been some but I didn’t see it at all and that is a big hurt as the Gophs got killed when he was in foul trouble in half two….Coffey can’t get around Huerter screen and it’s a wide open three for Huerter.  That’s where Coffey thin frame just kills him as he can’t come off screens well at all unless he takes a wide angle which can be taken advantage of easily space wise…Nate Mason loses his man again giving up a three!  He has to stop selling out on the attack and losses his man.  That’s three times tonight…Coffey doesn’t come off a screen well again and again Huerter takes advantage.  That is one of Amir’s big issues.  That and boxing out with good hits…Dodd cleared out Bakary and that’s three times Dodd has just blocked off people from the ball for lay-ups…MN 48 Maryland 49…

Minnesota goes to the zone!  It’s been a long time.  Likely just for one possession to give Maryland a different look if they called a timeout set…Minnesota is out of the zone quickly, back to man to man….Coffey leads, finds Dupree for a three.  Eric did a great job screening and talking to Amir about his teammate being open. Dupree relocated well off of Eric…McBrayer with another score.  That three got him going…MN 55 Maryland 53….

Outstanding putback by Eric Curry.   He’s had some good boards too.  I don’t have the stats to prove it but I feel like Eric is so much a better second half player than half one.  Solid in half one, good in half two…Nate Mason with the extension to score and he’s at a dozen…Reggie gets foul four.  Arg.   Minnesota has to lock it up now.  Need longer possessions….Dupree makes a big time contested three.  Tough shot but Dupree is hot and it goes….Eric Curry moves his feet with Trimble to force a turnover.  That’s outstanding defense moving off the ball with the guard….Jordan Murphy with the fake into a nasty dunk.   Big play…Mn 65 Maryland 60

Mason with the unselfish pass to Dupree McBrayer who hits a corner three.  Great pass from Nate!...Murphy with a huge block….Lynch gets pushed in the back for an easy call on the board.  Turgeon losses it and Mason makes two technical foul shots.  Gophers then get the ball.  Bad time for a technical….Dodd honestly pushed Lynch in the back again with no call.  That should have been another one but I think the official was a bit scared to make it…Murphy with the And1….MN 74 Maryland 62….

Murphy scores.  Murphy scores again.  Murphy with 13 in the second half and win 9 is looking good.  The NCAA Tournament is looking good….Minnesota putting this away.  Let’s Dance Minnesota! 9-6 and they aren’t slowing down.  Double bye me??  Minnesota 89 Maryland 75….

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