Elijah Teague (Allen Trieu / Scout)

Illinois DT Elijah Teague was just blown away from Minnesota this weekend resulting in a commitment

Illinois defensive tackle Elijah Teague was just blown away from Minnesota this weekend, and that resulted in a commitment. He broke it all down with GopherIllustrated.


"A week ago, I didn't think I was going to be having this phone call," Illinois defensive tackle Elijah Teague said about his new Minnesota commitment to Scout.com. "It's been a crazy few days. It all started early last week because I was supposed to be heading to Michigan State last weekend, but then my high school coach told me he was heading up to Minnesota for the weekend to see his in-laws and wanted to know if I wanted to come as the University of Minnesota was on the way. At first, I wasn't really sure, but then I decided I'd go, so I could meet with their new staff." 


"We got up there late Thursday night, so we just checked into the hotel, and then on Friday, we went over to their facilities real early for a tour, and then we had meetings with their academic people and I also learned about what it meant to be to be "A Gopher for Life", which is a new program they're implementing there with coach Fleck. Other things I got to do there this weekend were meet with the coaches, watch the guys workout and sit in on the defensive line meeting, and then I went to the hockey and basketball game, plus the baseball game at the Vikings Stadium before we left to head back home this morning. I did so much this weekend that it's hard to remember everything, but I loved it all."

Teague knew after spending the weekend that Minnesota was going to be his next home.

"We were sitting in coach P.J. Fleck's office after he baseball game Saturday night, and we were probably talking for hour about life and Football," Teague explained to GI. "I was telling him that I had a great weekend and that I was ready, and Fleck asked for what, and I told him to make my commitment. My parents weren't with me, so the first thing Fleck said was that we had to call my mother to make sure that she was okay with it. So we called my mom and she was all for it. She doesn't know a whole lot about football or the recruiting process, but she came with to Minnesota last year when I went there for an unofficial visit and she liked it there, so she respects my decision. My family was good with it, so I committed to Minnesota in his office that night and Fleck was pumped. He called all the coaches to tell them I was in the boat, and everyone was pumped, so it's been crazy."


"I wanted to commit to Minnesota because it just felt like home," Teague said. "Coach Fleck has "the juice" and his resume speaks for itself at Western Michigan. I just had one of those feelings on Saturday that Minnesota fits everything that I'm looking for, and so what's the point in waiting if I know where I want to be. I also enjoyed my time with the Huff brothers on Saturday night and Steven Richardson as well. They showed me their living situations so I'd know the options, and we had a good time hanging out and playing video games. When I sat down with coach Fleck and defensive line coach Bryce Paup, they showed me how they wanted to use me, and that's as a three-technique defensive tackle. They were showing me how they'd get me one on ones in their scheme, and I'd love to deal with only one guy obviously every play instead of two."

Gopher fans don't have to worry about Teague taking other visits.

"I'm done with the recruiting process," Teague said emphatically to GopherIllustrated. "I've been going through this for awhile, and after talking with coach Fleck about it too, I'm done. I asked about the potential of me taking official visits elsewhere, and Fleck isn't a fan of that. He said it's like him marrying his wife, but then dating other women, and how that doesn't make sense. Either you're all in, or you're not, and I respect that. I'm all in with Minnesota and I will not visit elsewhere. I also had schools like Texas, Iowa and Michigan State text me after committing saying that they were going to offer when I visited, and they're too late. Minnesota was in early and coach Fleck and staff is who I'm going to playing for. I'll be recruiting my other teammates such as Gavin McCabe to Minnesota as I know he's interested, and then Noah Shannon too. I want Gopher fans to have an elite night, and Row the Boat!" 

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