Georgia running back Nolan Edmonds breaks down his reasons to commit to the Minnesota Golden Gophers

Georgia running back Nolan Edmonds breaks down his reasons to commit to the Minnesota Golden Gophers with GopherIllustrated

"When I was up in Minnesota last week, we took a tour around campus, we went to the hockey game and we also went to the stadium and athletic facility," Georgia running back Nolan Edmonds said to GopherIllustrated. "I really liked the campus and there was a very welcoming feeling when I was there. I also got a chance to talk with running back coach Kenni Burns, offensive coordinator Kirk Ciarrocca and head coach P.J. Fleck when I was there, and they all had good things to say. Coach Burns had a lot of positive things to say to me about how I play and he told me he would push me to get better. Coach Fleck was the same way, and he said he loved the way I played and he also liked my character. He said those are a couple of things he likes about me."

"My parents really liked the school and the academics at Minnesota," Edmonds explained to GI. "They could tell I really liked the school based on my facial expressions when they were showing me around. I ended up committing to Minnesota a few days later as I really liked the school and the program they are trying to build with the new coaches. Plus, I have a lot of family around there. My parents supported my decision 100% and they think I made the right decision. When I called coach Fleck to commit, he was very excited and couldn't wait to start coaching me. He was actually on vacation when I committed, and he said to hear news like that, I only made it better for him."

"The Gopher coaches believe that I'm an every down running back for them and that makes me happy. I couldn't be more excited to be a part of the Gophers family," Edmonds said. "My grandparents and other family and friends live mostly in St. Paul, but also Minneapolis and the surrounding cities, so that'll be good for me too. What put Minnesota over the top of all the other schools recruiting me though was that I really like the school and program there. I could feel their dedication and passion. I fell like it's a great opportunity and as an every down type of running back, I believe the program is a great fit for me. Academically, I will study Clinical Psychology  and they have what I'm looking for in a program and available resources. I'd also like to add that I know the Mayo Clinic is near and the possibility of future opportunities there related to my degree field excites me. I'm now 100% committed to the University of Minnesota. I've spoken with my teammate Oyenmwen Uzebu about Minnesota too, and I've told him he should visit, so we'll see what happens there. Row the Boat!"

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