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Iowa defensive lineman John Waggonner is very intrigued by Minnesota following his visit to campus yesterday

Iowa defensive lineman John Waggonner is very intrigued by Minnesota following his visit to campus yesterday, and he spoke about it with GI.

"I did a lot yesterday on my Minnesota visit," Iowa defensive lineman John Waggoner said to GopherIllustrated. "My day was packed with useful information. I started out touring the academic part of everything. Next, I ate lunch with Coach Fleck, Coach Paup, and Coach Rossi. We then went to see the construction of the new facilities. I got to sit in on team meetings. I got to see campus, dorms, and the stadium. Finally, I finished up with practice and talked to both Coach Paup and Coach Fleck in each of their offices before I left, so it was a full day."


"Minnesota's campus was a great balance of city life and a college town type atmosphere," Waggoner explained. "With Minnesota's new facilities, we got to go put hard hats on and look at the construction going on. It sounds like it's going to be a really nice facility. Lunch with the coaches was more so just small talk and talking about various random stuff, and with coach Fleck, he's a really cool guy to sit and talk to. After practice, he got more in-depth about the recruitment part of things with me. Their practice yesterday was very fast paced and organized. Extremely high energy. They get their work in, but they also have fun while doing it. Coach Paup's message to me is all about trusting him to better me as a person and that the football side of things will take care of itself. Coach Fleck was just being straight up with me that if I'm interested, he can make me the best person I can be, and if I'm not interested then neither of us should waste anymore of each other's time. He gave a really great pitch about his program's culture too. Coach Fleck's pitch gets me pretty excited and is very intriguing. Talking with coach Paup and Fleck at the end was my favorite part of the visit as it just really fired me up about the type of people in control of the program at Minnesota."

Minnesota definitely has Waggoner's attention after his visit yesterday. 

"I am definitely interested in Minnesota and really like their staff after seeing everything yesterday," Waggoner said. "I don't really have a list of top schools at this point, but I had a great visit to Minnesota yesterday."

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