Georgia defensive end Abi Okonji decides that Minnesota is the place for him

Georgia defensive end Abi Okonji decides that Minnesota is the place for him, and he breaks down his decision with GopherIllustrated.

"On Friday, I met up with coach Fleck and got to talk with him in the morning for a while," Georgia defensive lineman Abi Okonji said to GopherIllustrated. "Then my dad and I got to meet a lot of football people and went on a tour with coach Schaekel and got to see the whole campus and talk to some people involved in the major I want to get into. Then we got to a chance to sit in on the Golden Opportunity program that the players participate in, after that, I got to spend some time with defensive line coach Bryce Paup, then with defensive coordinator Robb Smith and we talked about football and watched some film. I also got to know how I'll be used in their system. I also got to eat dinner last night with coach Mo, Shakes, Chernoff and Paup. I sat in on the team meeting this morning and then talked to coach Mo for a while, then went to tell coach Fleck the great news about me committing! I had a full visit, and I'm excited to be a Gopher."

"The Minnesota campus and facilities were great, but they will all be gone by the time I get there because there's even better stuff coming in with the new facilities getting built. Coach Paup's message to me was that I was a priority for them and he gave me a lot of great advice on life. Coach Mo did the same thing, and said that Minnesota was an elite opportunity that I've earned and I shouldn't pass it up. So this morning, I went into coach Fleck's office with my dad and coach Mo, and I told coach Fleck I had something to say and I told him I loved everything they did for me this weekend, and that I want to be a Gopher and that I'm committing. Coach Fleck and Mo went crazy and we all hugged. It just felt like this was the place for me."

Okokji couldn't pass on being a part of something elite at Minnesota.

"I knew the academics were elite at Minnesota, but coming and seeing how the culture was changing things and the coaches just seem to be building something special with all the values I was raised with. I'm going to be playing defensive end , and I'll be playing standing up from time to time, but mostly with my hand in the dirt. I love that as that's what I play already and was looking to play at the next level. I'm now done with the recruiting process and I'm 100% committed. I'm not visiting anywhere else in the foreseeable future as I'm only thinking about trying to get up to Minneapolis again sometime this summer." 

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