Missouri defensive back Dallas Craddieth will remember Minnesota following his visit

Missouri defensive back Dallas Craddieth will remember Minnesota following his visit this past week, and he recapped his trip with GopherIllustrated.


"I was able to tour Minnesota's campus a little, tour their stadium and facilities, and got a chance to see what the new facilities are going to look like," Missouri defensive back Dallas Craddieth said to GopherIllustrated. "I was also able to join the team meeting before practice and then watch practice itself. Minnesota has a nice campus and there's lots of food options, plus it seemed pretty easy to get around. Their facilities are a little crowded, but I think it's because they're getting ready to open up a new one, but other than that, they have really good facilities just like other schools I've visited."


"Minnesota's practice has lots of energy and really keeps your mind going the whole time," Craddieth explained to GI. "I talked a lot with coach Burns and Fleck when I was there on Thursday, and coach Burns just wanted me to enjoy it all and see how different they're going to be from everyone else. Coach Fleck just wanted me to see him coach. He's all about building a culture because that's what he played in coming up. So just building a culture and buying into it, and being elite at everything you do. The coaches there told me they want me at safety and that's what I want to play in college, so I'm glad about that. I'd say my favorite part was seeing them practice and see the game day locker room as I got to see the guys in action and that locker room was just huge."

This trip to Minneapolis is one that Craddieth won't soon forget. 

"I have a lot more interest still and I want to visit some other schools I haven't visited yet, but I'll remember this visit to Minnesota," Craddieth said. "I'm not sure when I'll make a decision yet either, as I still want to visit more schools."

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