Illinois defensive back Tyrik Henderson has an elite time at Minnesota

Illinois defensive back Tyrik Henderson has an elite time at Minnesota and ends up receiving a Gopher offer. Henderson breaks down his visit with GopherIllustrated.

"I had an elite time at Minnesota," Illinois defensive back Tyrik Henderson said to GopherIllustrated. "I got to do everything. I watched practice, talked to my position coach, the head coach, toured the facilities and the campus too. My mom came with me too, and we really enjoyed the campus. It was something new and it's very close to downtown and there's a lot to do there. The facilities were elite. Everything is relatively new and it looked nice. Their practice was high intensity and fast paced."

"Coach Mo, my position coach, said that I'm an elite player that can make plays early on in my career," Henderson explained. "They want me at corner, but I can play either safety or corner, and I'm most definitely cool with that. Coach Fleck said he's all about talent and developing players as men and teaching them how to value the culture of the University. Plus, if I don't want to play early I should not go to Minnesota. Everything is earned and you have to work hard for what you want. Coach Fleck told me he wanted to offer as he thinks I can make an impact in the secondary. He can develop me into the man I have always wanted to be and I admire that honestly more than anything."

Minnesota's made quite the first impression on Hendrickson following his visit. 

"I think that Minnesota is a program that will become one of the top teams in the nation and anyone would be crazy to miss out on what they have got going," Henderson said. "Minnesita is pretty high up with me no doubt. I'll be visiting Iowa next weekend and Minnesota again soon too."

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