Gophers are the first BCS offer for 2019 Nebraska linebacker Nick Henrich

Gophers are the first BCS offer for 2019 Nebraska linebacker Nick Henrich, and he breaks down his new offer with GopherIllustrated.

"On Saturday, we went to the locker room and then got to go watch practice," 2019 Nebraska linebacker Nick Henrich said to GopherIllustrated. "After that we ate lunch, talked about the school, talked to the strength coach and then coach Fleck got up and spoke in front of everyone. After that I got a lot of one on one time with the linebackers coach / defensive coordinator Robb Smith, then got to meet and talk with coach Fleck one on one, which is where he made the offer, so it was a good day."

"The campus was really cool and the athletes village that they're building with all the new facilities in it looks absolutely amazing," Henrich explained. "The practice was great as it was super organized and there was a ton of energy from the players and coaches. Coach Smith and my family talked about my film and how he liked it. He talked a lot about their defensive and their coaching staff and how he ended up at Minnesota. Coach Smith likes the speed and how I hit. Coach Fleck also talked about how he saw what kind of player I was, which is why he said he believes in me so much. Coach Fleck said they wanted to offer because of how I play the game and what kind of player I am. He said I would fit perfectly at Minnesota. My family was all super happy and excited. My mom who went with me was even more excited because of how much she liked the program."

Henrich will have Minnesota high on his list. 

"My interest in Minnesota is very high," Henrich said. "It meant so much to me that they already have this much belief in me, and I was very impressed with the program. I've already been to Nebraska's Junior Day, and I don't have any other visits planned."

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