2018 Perham defensive tackle Logan Richter says it's a dream come true to commit to the University of Minnesota

2018 Perham defensive tackle Logan Richter says it's a dream come true to commit to the University of Minnesota, and he breaks down the reasons why he decided to commit on the spot to coach Fleck.


"It's been a crazy last 48 hours," Perham (Minn.) defensive tackle Logan Richter said to GopherIllustrated about his Minnesota commitment over the weekend. "Everything started on Saturday when we went down to Junior Day, and the day started with us watching spring practice and it was cool to see the players out there and see coach Fleck run around as he's real energetic when he coaches. After that we went to lunch and then an academic meeting and we learned about what our GPA needed to be to play at Minnesota. We then toured the stadium and had some people talk with us about the new facilities and what they'll look like. When we were going on all these tours around campus and their facilities, I remember talking with my parents and talking about how it'd be a dream to come to Minnesota and play here, and it's crazy I got that opportunity later on."

Richter then had a chance to meet with the Gopher coaches. 

"At the end of the day, I met with defensive coordinator Robb Smith and defensive line coach Bryce Paup, and they both were telling me that they love how I'm able to bend and move at 6'4" and 291 lbs., and I owe a lot of that to my coaches at Perham high school. They love how low I can stay to the ground and be powerful with that, and then also with how aggressive I am. They were really talking me up with my family, and then I finally went into coach Fleck's office and met with him individually with my parents and sister in the room as well. Immediately once I say down in there, coach Fleck asked me to tell him about my life from pre-kindergarten to now. I told him about how I was adopted by my family at one-month and then up until where I am now, and he told me about how he lost his son and I just felt like we got to know each other really quickly. Then coach Fleck started talking about how in business people need to take risks. He said that he has not personally watched my film yet, but that all the defensive coaches have and they really liked me there, and then they liked how I looked today and how they felt I'd be a good fit. He kept saying, "If I was to offer you..." and I was starting to get nervous and then he finally said that he wanted to offer me a scholarship to the University of Minnesota and my family and I just broke down. We were so happy and I just immediately committed. A lot hugs to go around."


"Coach Fleck mentioned how if I was to commit, I wouldn't be able to take other visits elsewhere, so if I commit, to be sure, and I'm 110% okay with that as Minnesota is where I want to be. It's been a crazy 48 hours, but I'm really thankful for everything that's happened. I'm also the second youngest in my grade as I'm only 16 years old right now and turn 17 in July, so I'll be 17 when I get on campus at Minnesota too. I want Gopher fans to know that I'm really excited to be a Gopher!"

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