Toledo (Ohio) offensive lineman Austin Beier pulls the trigger on the University of Minnesota

Toledo (Ohio) offensive lineman Austin Beier pulls the trigger on the University of Minnesota while on an unofficial visit yesterday, and he goes in-depth about his decision with GopherIllustrated.

"We did everything yesterday," Ohio offensive lineman Austin Beier said to GopherIllustrated about his Minnesota trip. "We visited the stadium, dorms, practice facilities, the college of science and engineering, got a tour of campus, watched practice and then got to talk with coach Warinner and Fleck before we left. I was even more impressed than the last time I was up with the campus and facilities again at Minnesota. This was my mom's first time at Minnesota, and she was really impressed. She didn't know anything outside of what we'd told her, so she really liked getting up there and seeing it for herself. Their practice was high energy and there was music playing the entire time. It was the environment I love to practice in. I noticed that they only have five healthy offensive linemen, so the healthy guys were getting an insane amount of reps. I do also like coach Warinner's coaching style."

"Coach Warinner and I talked about my development both as I approach graduation next year, and my first few years as a Gopher. Coach Fleck talked a lot about Minnesota and answered all my mom's question about how they plan to develop me as a full person. As far as my commitment, I talked with my mom during practice about committing and after she gave her okay, I decided I was going to commit when I met with coach Fleck after practice. So when coach Fleck asked about what I wanted to do next as the visit was over, I told him I was committing and he jumped out of his seat and gave me a big hug. Minnesota was the right fit for me because of the great engineering program and coach Fleck is just an amazing coach. I'll be playing guard at Minnesota and I love playing that position. I just like being on the line, and I'm comfortable at guard. I'm now done with the recruiting process and I don't think I'll be visiting anywhere else!"

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