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Woodbury (Minn.) defensive end / outside linebacker David Alston is in the process of reshaping hid body composition

Woodbury (Minn.) defensive end / outside linebacker David Alston is in the process of reshaping hid body composition, and he talks that and recruiting at the Nike camp in Chicago.


"I thought I tested well today," Woodbury (Minn.) defensive end / linebacker David Alston said to Scout.com on Sunday at the Nike Opening camp in Chicago. "I think that running a 40 yard dash on a laser is a lot different, but it gave me insight for next time. I also thought I did pretty well in the drills, but the one on one's could have gone better. I hadn't done one on one's in a long time as we really never do them at practice, but it's just something to learn from and get better with next time. I've also been trying to get my body right as from my sophomore to junior year, I put on about 35 pounds, but it wasn't the best weight and I was around 225. So then after football season ended this past year, I started training at Higher Power Training, and I got a nutrition plan there, and since then, I've dropped about 30 pounds and I've cut my body fat percentage from 18% to 8%. Now I'm in the process of building myself back up to around that same weight I was (225), but with good muscle, so I'm shooting for that weight, if not five to ten pounds heavier."


"I've been talking with Harvard, Notre Dame, Utah, New Mexico and Iowa of late," Alston explained. "I'll also be at Minnesota's spring game on the 15th of April and Wisconsin's spring game that next weekend. With Minnesota, they think physically I have the tools, but they just want to see progress forward as far as my size goes and I don't blame them. That's their only concern though, other than that, they think I have all the tools I need. A Minnesota offer would be a lot as it's the in-state school and my mom's Alma Mater, so it would definitely be a really big deal if Minnesota were to offer me. As far as where I'm thinking about camping this summer, I'm thinking of going to Minnesota, Notre Dame, possibly Duke, and I want to go to the West Coast to go see Stanford and Cal. I want to have my decision made right before the season, but if not then, I'll wait until after the season."

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