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Maroon defeats Gold in the Gophers spring game, 42-40

Maroon defeats Gold in the Gophers spring game, 42-40 and here's what you need to know from Saturday.


Minnesota's Maroon team defeated the Gold side on Saturday afternoon, 42-40, and here's what you need to know.

1) Demry Croft got the start and ran with it

- Croft started the game for Minnesota with a bang by connected on a deep ball to Rashad Still along the sidelines for 60 yards. Croft placed that ball in perfectly and Still was able to come down with it for the big play setting up a Rodney Smith touchdown. Croft looked comfortable in the pocket all day and still looks to be the front runner for Minnesota's still open quarterback job. 

2) Minnesota's offensive linemen are warriors

The crew of Donnell GreeneQuinn OselandConner OlsonBronson Dovich and Nick Connelly played every single offensive snap today for Minnesota and were still opening holes in the third and fourth quarter. Can't say enough about these five guys pushing through a lot of snaps today for the team, and they need to be recoginzed. 

3) Coughlin and Devers showing off that "rush end" position for the Gophers

Coughlin had two sacks and Devers one, so three sacks for Minnesota's rush end position isn't a bad thing to start the Robb Smith era on defense. Minnesota's going to have to be creative in ways to rush the quarterback and there's no denying Coughlin and Devers' ability to turn the edge.

4) Secondary needs to get healthy and add some bodies 

Watching an entire second defensive unit with three walk-on's in the secondary is the reality of where Minnesota is at right now. Damarius TravisJalen MyrickAce Rogers and Eric Amoako are gone to graduation, and KiAnte Hardin, Dior JohnsonRay Buford are expelled, and that leaves Minnesota extremely depleated in their secondary. Minnesota's 2017 signees Adam Beck, Justus Harris and Kendarian Handy-Holly need to be ready to play right away this fall. 


Gopher Quarterbacks

Demry Croft (started): 8-13 109 yds;

Conor Rhoda: 8-12 70 yds

Seth Green: 4-6 36 yds, 1 TD, 1 INT

Tanner Morgan: 1-6 10 yds, 1 INT.






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