Georgia offensive lineman Oyenmwen "Junior" Uzebu details his Minnesota commitment

Georgia offensive lineman Oyenmwen "Junior" Uzebu details his Minnesota commitment with GopherIllustrated.

"On my visit this past weekend. I got to speak with my future coaches, meet the amazing staff, watch the spring game and have the true experience of what it's like to be a Gopher," Georgia offensive lineman Oyenmwen Uzebu said to GopherIllustrated. "Minnesota's campus is beautiful and they are building a $200 million facility. Let me tell you, it's going to be one of the top in the nation when it's completed. I got to talk to all the coaches a equal amount, which I liked a lot. You would think I would only speak with Coach Warinner because he's the offensive line coach, but it's not like that here. Every coach loves and wants the best for the athletes and wants to see us grow not only as athletes, but men as well."

"Coach Warinner was very happy to have the ability to coach me to my full potential, sees tons of of potential in me as a big left tackle," Uzebu explained to "I trust him and know he will lead me only to success. You can see from my tweet that my conversation with coach Fleck went very well too. After speaking to Coach Mo and Coach Warinner, I had told them I wanted to make the commit to the University Of Minnesota. After I had we went to coach Fleck's office, when I told him, he asked once again saying just to reassure he really heard what I just said. I paused, looked at my dad and cousin, smiled and said "Yes sir! I am now committed to the University Of Minnesota!" Then he jumped so fast into my arms, I didn't see it coming. My family was extremely excited for me and very proud. We were in tears. I'd say the biggest reason I wanted to commit to Minnesota was not only how much potential Minnesota has, but also the coaching staff is going to help me 100% become not just a better athlete, but also man. Also I am most likely going to school for pre-med or Engineering and Minnesota has amazing schools for both. Great coaches, amazing school, great fans, success-driven teammates! What else do you need in life?"

Minnesota believes they got their stud left tackle going forward in Uzebu. 

"Minnesota envisions me as the big left tackle and that's were perfect, because I believe I can be a great key piece to the run game and the quarterback will never have to worry about his blindside," Uzebu said. "My teammate Nolan Edmonds who is also committed to Minnesota was super hyped when I told him I was coming too. It's very rare you see two kids have the same dream for a college especially from the same school and to add the duo of a running back and a offensive lineman. We have tons of chemistry already which is a great thing, and we bond very well and I'm very excited to win games with my former high school running back. As far as my recruitment goes going forward, personally, I'm very stuck on Minnesota. Love everything about it. Honestly even if a college coach told me "pigs fly if you come." And it was true, I still wouldn't leave Minnesota. This is a beautiful place and great opportunity!"

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