Illinois cornerback Tyrik Henderson is excited to be a Golden Gopher

Illinois cornerback Tyrik Henderson is excited to be a Golden Gopher, and he recaps his Minnesota commitment with

"I put a lot, tons of thoughts into my decision last week," Illinois corner Tyrik Henderson said to GopherIllustrated. "After visiting both Minnesota and Iowa in back to back weeks, I was able to put myself in a show at each school, but the coaches at Minnesota were the coaches that I more so needed and they fit me. The good vibes and the intensity that coach P.J. Fleck and his staff brings is something that I like. I'm an intense player and that's the kind of coaching staff I need. Minnesota also came down and saw me the very first day of the recruiting period last week. Coach Brian Callahan and coach Robb Smith came down to watch me workout, and Minnesota being the first school to come down was amazing. It felt good to know that they care about me that much to the point of they could have gone anywhere, but they came to visit me the first day."

"My mom fell in love with the place when we were there, and she said she would have committed then," Henderson said about his trip to Minnesota with his mother last month. "She loved it that much as she loves the academic support and all the in's and out's about Minnesota. Coach Fleck is her BFF apparently, so we couldn't turn it down. So when I decided to commit, we went on a little bit of a family FaceTime with coach Fleck, and I let him know to get my oar ready as I'm committing to Minnesota. He was excited to hear it, and so was his wife. They're a wonderful family and great people. As far as how Minnesota's said they want to use me on defense, I could be a corner, safety and even play some nickle. We have two very good defensive backs already committed with me in Terell Smith and Benjamin Sapp III, and our relationship has been growing for the past two - three weeks now. We've been getting a real good close relationship and the whole Minnesota 2018 recruiting class is in a group chat, so we all have a growing relationship."

Henderson has other things on his mind besides recruiting going forward. 

"I'm done with the recruiting process as of now," Henderson explained. "Whatever comes up, comes up. I'll be going up to Minnesota with the whole family again here real soon, but we're working on finding a date that works for everyone."

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