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Illinois defensive tackle Elijah Teague is happy with his Minnesota commitment following an extended unofficial visit

Illinois defensive tackle Elijah Teague is happy with his Minnesota commitment following an extended unofficial visit over Easter, and he recaps the visit with GopherIllustrated.


"My mom and I visited Minnesota from last Thursday to Monday over Easter weekend, and we had a great visit," Illinois defensive tackle Elijah Teague said to GopherIllustrated. "I brought my mom with as I wanted her to get a feel for the Minnesota coaching staff. When I committed to Minnesota, she wasn't up there with me as I had to call her from coach Fleck's office, and I told her then that this is the place for me and when I bring you up here, you'll get that same feel that this is the place for me. So after this last visit with her, I can say she loves Minnesota. My mom and I are basically the same person and we know good people when we meet them. She got that same feeling that I did when I visited the Gophers new coaching staff, and esecpially coach P.J. Fleck. She loves his energy and that when we were talking, it wasn't really about football. It was mainly about what he's going to do with turning me into a man. As far as what we did for five days, we spent some time with my godmother who lives up there, and we ate a lot. We got to spend a lot of one on one time with the coaching staff, I got to tour the business school and meet with the athletic director too."


"I think my relationship with defensive line coach Bryce Paup is great as we text every day," Teague explained. "I call him at least twice a week too. He's very soft spoken and that's what I like about him. I chose Minnesota because I like my head coach to have a lot of juice and my position coach to be really calm and teach me technique. With early playing time, they said be ready. If I don't want to have a chance to play as a true freshman, then don't come to Minnesota, but I'm ready for it. I've been putting on my recruiting hat too and the main one I've been working on is Noah Shannon. He told me his top schools and we're right up in there, so hopefully we'll hear something from him soon. 

Teague is firm to Minnesota despite some bigger schools trying to get him on campus. 

"Some schools that have been trying to get me on visits lately are Texas, Michigan State, Oklahoma and Florida, but I'm good with Minnesota. I'm 100% with the Gophers."

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