GI Film Room: Daniel Oturu

The GI Film Room gives you a look at the player Gopher commit Daniel Oturu has become over the course of his junior season.

Daniel Oturu is a consensus four star player ranked anywhere from 50 to 65 but most.  He led Minnesota in blocked shots this winter (5-6 a game), was second in rebounding (16.5), plus scored nearly 20 a night (19.6).  Oturu is as aggressive as any big you will see but what makes him more enticing lately is the improvements with his face-up touch that now includes range, and Daniel's low post arsenal has greatly expanded as he's turning over both shoulders to finish.

Here are some videos for GI to evaluate along with our comments:

This is a video from Evan Flood of NY2LA sports taken at the Breakdown Sports USA Border Battle put on by the Breakdown and Wisconsin Basketball Yearbook with the match-ups picked by myself and Mark Miller of Wisconsin.  Daniel is facing Wisconsin standout Joey Hauser.  Here are some things that stood out to GI:

  • The first thing that comes to mind how quick Daniel is off his feet and how quick his feet are. The early block of Hauser in the video as well as the two foot leap two-hand finishes all start with Daniel being able to quickly get his feet under him to be balanced and vault into finishing.  Not to mention his length is rare.
  • The finish at the 40 second mark of the video shows Daniel using a face-up dribble to attack and then he finishes on the opposite side with his non-dominant hand (left).
  • Hauser was dealing with some type of issue this game.  I don't recall if it was a sickness or injury but Joey was off the floor a lot and that is why you see Daniel posting up easily on little players, giving a target, catching, and easily finishing above the rim so much.
  • At 1:23 you can see a short jumper from Oturu which is something that became more comfortable as the year moved on (this video is from January).
  • There is a another face-up one dribble attack into a dunk where the defender was helpless to even move his feet with Daniel so Oturu blew by with a dribble covering a load of ground into the finish
  • At 2:10 dunks over the top of a players back
  • At 2:35 Oturu outfights Hauser for the catch, right shoulder finish, drop step completion and then gives Hauser a look.  Very impressive play all together.

Here we have Cretin-Derham Hall playing Tartan for the chance to go to the State Tournament and this is a game that Oturu and his team won despite being mostly juniors against a senior dominated Tartan team.

  • First play of the video is a face-up jumper from Oturu who has a brand new haircut. 
  • At 25 seconds you see D1 juco bound Joevon Walker blow by Oturu for a score.  That's rare as Daniel usually moves very well laterally but not on that play
  • At 45 Oturu reclaims his miss and then responds with an emotional and physical throwdown.  He plays with the type of emotion Trevor Mbakwe did
  • Daniel rarely comes off the floor so he must of dealt with half one foul trouble.  This video shows all scores so you can see how little Tartan scored at the rim when Oturu was on the floor and how much they scored at the cup when he was off the floor.
  • Daniel is back on the floor for the second half and immediately he rolls of a screen to catch and dunk.  Oturu releases so quickly off a screen that bigs can't recover if they have to help over on the guard
  • The face-up aggressive power move going pretty much through the defender at 3:45 was just Daniel using his body to complete and the defender was froze.
  • At 3:57 you see a back to the basket, back down gem complete with a spin over Daniel's left shoulder followed by a soft finish.
  • The help over block at about 4min is what makes Daniel rare
  • CDH nearly gave this up but a big play was Oturu running the floor and getting the dunk at 4:30
  • And yes he's very excited at 4:50 celebrating the state tournament trip with his fans and teammates

Finally we have the most recent interview with Daniel after an EYBL event last weekend with some girl in a hat.

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