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GI Film Room: Race Thompson

Armstrong/D1 Minnesota four star forward Race Thompson has double figure major conference offers and is one of the Golden Gopher’s top targets. Here is a GI video review of the 2018 talent.

·      Race Thompson is an inside/out threat that can play several positions.  The initial score is Thompson using a ball fake to move the defense, playing comfortably with his back to the basket, and then falling away to hit a touched in jumper. 

·      Clip two is Thompson pushing up the floor and finishing on the move.  Race has played PG often in his career and is very comfortable pushing the ball up the floor.  

·      At the 30 second mark Thompson brings the ball up the floor once again and uses a crossover to move the defender followed by an explosive rim finish.

·      At the 55 second mark Thompson plays with his back to the basket for a couple possessions including a spin move into a score.

·      At 1:12 Race takes a charge which everyone wants to see a player do.

·      Thompson is right handed but you will see a comfortable dribble pushing up the floor with his left.

·      This is a video from this winter, Armstrong taking on a top ten team from Tartan at the Breakdown Tip Off Classic.

·      At the 24 second make Thompson uses a jab step to move the defender and then explodes to his right to attack and finish at the cup over the top of a smaller but solid position defender.

·      Race is the biggest player on his high school team (and on the floor) but is bringing the ball up the floor and attacking the cup followed by a zipping pass to the wing.  55 minute mark.

·      At the two minute mark Thompson is back inside and powers through a double for a score while being fouled.  Two strong on the block for high school kids to deal with and too agile with the left shoulder spin and quick feet to stop.

·      Our first look at Thompson hitting a feet set jumper from the arc at is at the 2:30 mark.  Good touch for a 6-foot-8 forward.

·      At 2:45 Thompson boards and hits a pretty mid-range jumper.  Good form, good lift, pretty touch.

·      At the 2:50 mark Thompson hits the fall-a-way out of the post again which is a shot he seems to love.  Tough for players to defend it even if they are of similar size.

·      Another three at the arc at the three minute mark.

·      Another game from this winter.  Armstrong against Osseo, a top metro big school team.

·      Thompson opens the game with a near NBA level three at the 15 second mark. Another one was made at the 45 second mark.

·      You will see Thompson use his length to block shots and an open floor throw down as the video moves on. 

·      Thompson’s junior highlight film is not up but here is his sophomore highlight film that puts together much of what we have talked about.

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