Catching up with ex-Gopher commit Luke Anderson

Minnesota-Mankato guard Luke Anderson scored 21 points to lead the Mavericks to a 93-75 win over Concordia-St. Paul Wednesday. He made six of ten shots from field, three of four from beyond the arc and six of eight from the line. Anderson keyed a 16-0 run over the last 5:31 to take a 44-29 lead into halftime as he scored the first eight points of the run, including two three-pointers. Gopher fans might remember that Anderson once committed to Minnesota. GoldenSports.Net caught up with Anderson.

Luke Anderson was a four-year starter in high school. He played as a freshman and sophomore at Bloomington Kennedy before transferring to Eagan. He led the Wildcats to conference championships in both his junior and senior seasons and the state tournament as a senior. He was a three-time all-conference and two-time all-state selection. Anderson twice led the Lake Conference in scoring and he played at the prestigious Nike All-American camp before his senior season.


Anderson averaged 9.5 points per game as a freshman, starting seven of his eight games before an injury. He has worked hard to get back on the court and is averaging 17.0 points per game as a sophomore. He has started all five games this year and has led the team in scoring in three contests, including 26 points in the season opener. Anderson has led the team in rebounding (10 boards) once and tied for rebounding honors once. He leads the Mavericks in three-pointers made with nine.


Your freshman season was cut short after just eight games with a season-ending patella injury. Talk about the rehab process. 


"The rehab was something else. I broke it in December, almost a year ago. Basically, I just went through an intensive rehab, doing it about three hours a day, icing it and getting stimulation on it. Just trying to get the flexibility back. Back in May, I started playing again.


It had to be frustrating since you had gotten off to a good start last season. You had 17 points and seven rebounds in your debut and scored 19 points in another game


"It was really tough. But, I knew something was wrong right from the get-go. I did not know what it was. They misdiagnosed me. Once, I realized what was going on, it finally just broke.


You had committed to Minnesota at one time. What was it that made you realize that it was not the right place for you?


"I really don't even know what happened. I commit back in my junior year and I was really, really looking forward to it. Things just fell through. I went out to Montana State, did not like it and decided to come back home and be close to my family. I just love my decision."


The word was that Minnesota wanted you to walk-on as a freshman and get a scholarship later. Was that part of the deal?


"That was part of the deal, but I think the number of scholarships that they had fell through. I just wanted to get my first year paid for and decided to go elsewhere."


You signed with Montana State, but your father had some health problems, right?


"He got diagnosed with melanoma cancer. I wanted to come back and be close with my family.'


You have become a very good Division II player, but Montana State thought that you could have had an impact as a freshman.  Playing in the Big Sky, that was probably a good level for you, right?


"I thought that I would have done well out there. But this league is very competitive and I'm really excited to play the conference season here."


In hindsight, are you happy with where you are now?


"I am happy. When I look back on it, I totally believe that things worked out."


Do you check out the Gophers much on TV?


I love watching the Gophers. I love watching Maurice (Hargrow) and all those guys, because I played with them in the Howard Pulley Pro-Am league. I just love watching those guys

I think that Monson is a good coach. I think that they will do well this year.


Do you ever watch and think about how you might fit in?


Sometimes I see how I could have fit in, but things work out for a reason, so I'm glad that I'm here.


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