Matt DeGeest - Coaches Comments

South Dakota's Matt DeGeest blew away the Gopher coaching staff during the summer but didn't blow away his coach during the season. What position will DeGeest play for Glen Mason? Take a look.

Harrisburg, S.D., defensive tackle Matt DeGeest will sign with Minnesota in February. According to Harrisburg coach Scott Ebert, it was at the Gopher summer camp where DeGeest showed his worth.

"Matt didn't have a whole lot going on in the spring," said Ebert. "He went down to Minnesota's camp and they liked what they saw.

"The (Minnesota) defensive line coach called me and told me that Matt knocked their socks off.

"Matt didn't have the kind of year I thought he would have had. The numbers just weren't there but I still feel he's going to be a good college football player."

What position will DeGeest play for the Gophers?
"In Matt's heart, he's a tight end but I think he'll be either a very good center or guard. Maybe he'll be a good 5-technique (defensive end). I know the offensive and defensive line coaches at Minnesota have been fighting over him.

"Matt's strength is going to come. He has long arms, he's a hard worker and he's physical," Ebert said.

The 6-foot-5, 270-pound DeGeest had 35 tackles and five sacks in 2005. He also had 15 catches and one touchdown on the offensive side of the ball.

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